Trump blasts AG Letitia James, claims she has 'Trump Derangement Syndrome'

 January 12, 2024

Trump held a news conference outside his Wall Street building after the closing arguments had concluded in New York City, when he characterized the proceedings as "election interference."

In his denial of "any evidence" against him, the ex-president went on to accuse Attorney General Letitia James of having "serious Trump Derangement Syndrome," as The Post Millennial reported.

"We've proven this case so conclusively. We've asked for directed verdict many times. They don't have any facts, they don't have any evidence against us." Trump began

Legal Changes

He went on to say that the only witness against him in the case was a "deranged" felon who was previously "convicted of lying."

He inferred that James's campaign slogan, "I will get Trump," was at the root of the issue and that it was "politically motivated."

"It's a shame that a thing like this is able to happen," Trump continued. "We won this case already in the court of appeals ... but this judge has been very very slow to accept that opinion because that's not the opinion that he wants."

Trump asserted that the consumer fraud statute being cited in his case had "never been used for anything like this before," calling his prosecution "a witch hunt in the truest sense of the word."

"It's all a conspiracy to try and get Biden, who can't put two sentences together, trying to him into office."

Outside Bias Confirmation

Elie Honig, senior legal analyst at CNN, discussed the case by James, seeming incredulous about the idea that it wasn't politically motivated.

But it is a fact that Letitia James, as Paula Reid said, letitia James campaigned for attorney general in 2018 specifically on a promise to vote for me and I'll get Donald Trump.

"That's not something she said once. She said it dozens of times. She said it in writing. She fundraised off it. And she wasn't even specific. She didn't say, I'll get him for inflating his assets.

The analyist went on to say that, "At one point, she said he could be indicted for money laundering at one point.

According to Honig, the day James was elected she said "we're definitely going to sue his ass. He'll know my name."

"And when you make statements like that, how can you say there's no political angle to this? You can maybe say the facts are there, but it's also political. That's Letitia James' own doing."

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