Trump blasts Biden, Obama for missing slain officer's funeral for fundraiser

 March 30, 2024

Former President Donald Trump blasted President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama on Friday for not attending the funeral of an NYPD officer who was killed in the line of duty while approaching a suspicious, idling car. 

Trump flew in from Florida to attend the funeral of Jonathan Diller Thursday at the family's and police union's request, while Biden and Obama were already in New York City for a $25 million fundraiser for Biden's campaign, but decided not to attend.

“They didn’t even call the family. They could have called. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist,” Trump told Fox News about Biden's decision.

"They missed a very sad moment for our country, but it's a moment that they have to be a part of, whether they like it or not," Trump went on. "They can't skip this moment. I've never seen so many police. I've never seen so many firemen, a lot of firemen. They view it… in a very similar way, and I understand that. But they're going to have to get involved a little bit because this country is going to hell."

"Nation in decline"

"Our country is not respected anymore," he continued. "I say it in my rallies, in my speeches. We're a nation in decline... Totally fixable, but we have to do it fast."

Trump pointed out that today's Democrat base makes it very difficult to support police.

"I think that politically he can't support the police," Trump said. "I think he's also making a mistake, but I think politically… his base won't let him support the police and I support the police. I would say at the highest level of any president by far, maybe double or triple, and they knew that. That's why when I walked into that funeral parlor it was… like love."

"They want to shy away from it," he continued. "They didn't even call the family. They could have called… I'm not sure they'd take his call."

Trump supporter

Trump said Diller's widow Stephanie told him that her late husband supported him, which could be another reason Biden stayed away.

“She was very appreciative that I went,” Trump said. “He was a supporter. She told me, ‘He made me stand four hours in the rain to vote, and I was proud to do it.’ But it’s a tough thing.”

It didn't take long after a brief time of support for police reform and defunding for the public to realize defunding police instead of supporting them was not going to work.

Even in 2021, the majority of Americans wanted more funding for their local police, not less, but many Democrat politicians are still convinced that police are racist and that supporting police means they are racist, too.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that Biden called New York Mayor Eric Adams to express condolences, but didn't say that Biden had been in touch with Diller's family over his loss.

New York and other big cities have seen a rise in violent crime since they changed bail laws to release most people charged with crimes whether or not they can post bond.

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