Trump blasts 'total coordination' in legal cases, says Fani Willis 'not equipped'

 March 5, 2024

President Trump dismissed his civil and criminal cases as "nonsense" drummed up in "total coordination with the White House" during a defiant speech Monday. 

Emboldened by the Supreme Court's unanimous decision to leave him on the ballot, Trump called prosecutor Fani Willis an "embarrassment" to Georgia and said she is "not equipped to do the job," echoing a report in Breitbart that a Biden operative was the driving force behind her prosecution.

Trump shreds 'coordination'

The report cited anonymous sources, who said Willis lacked the intelligence to handle the case on her own.

"Everybody heard Fani testify. It’s no secret that she’s not smart. That is how she sounds and acts every day of the week," one source said.

Willis' dramatic and unprofessional testimony last month left many wondering whether her case could continue, regardless of whether she is forced out over a scandalous affair with prosecutor Nathan Wade.

For his work on the case, Wade received over $600,000 in taxpayer funds. Willis and Wade both say that she reimbursed him in cash for lavish vacations they took together and that their relationship, which they admit took place, does not pose a conflict of interest.

"They had obviously a conflict," Trump said Monday. "They were able to get a lot of money because it was a high-profile person - me, I'm, a very high-profile person," Trump said.

"That case is so conflicted nobody has ever seen anything like it," he said.

Advice for Biden

The judge in Trump's Georgia case will soon rule on whether Willis is disqualified after closing arguments wrapped up Friday.

The controversy has led to the discovery that Wade billed taxpayers $4,000 for two meetings with the White House.

"The state, the city, and the federal, they're all coordinated. Fani Willis' lover spent hours and hours at the White House I guess with White House counsel and with DOJ, plotting out this plan," Trump said.

Democrats have denied any coordination, insisting there is nothing political about the multiple cases against Trump, Joe Biden's likely electoral rival this November.

Trump said the "weaponization" of the law has made him more popular, and it might actually be in Biden's best interests if the cases were dropped.

"The whole thing is a rigged deal, and the public understands it," Trump said.

"Stop weaponization. Fight your fight yourself," he urged Biden. "Don't use prosecutors and judges to go after your opponent, to try and damage your opponent so you can win an election. Our country is much bigger than that."

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