Trump calls Biden the real 'insurrectionist' over failed border and foreign policies

 December 31, 2023

The left, including President Joe Biden and other high-profile Democrats, still accuse former President Donald Trump of being an "insurrectionist."

While that will be a perpetual debate, especially as he's not been charged with such a crime, Trump made a real argument over the weekend that the real insurrectionist might be President Biden himself.

In a series of Truth Social posts, Trump torched the president on a number of issues.

Many believe Trump, who has solidified himself as the clear frontrunner for the GOP primary, is turning most of his focus on attacking Biden.

What did he say?

Trump held nothing back in his assessment of Biden and his administration.

He blamed the 81-year-old president for being the real insurrectionist due to his weak border policies that have resulted in a crushing influx of illegal migrants into the United States.

"Crooked Joe Biden is the Insurrectionist because he let millions of unknown people come recklessly and unchecked through our insane 'Open' Border, let a war begin in the Middle East and Ukraine, Weaponized our DOJ & FBI, SURRENDERED in Afghanistan when we could have left with dignity and strength —the most embarrassing event in the history of our Country, and is destroying America with the GREEN NEW SCAM," Trump wrote.

Biden recently made comments regarding his thoughts on whether or not Trump is an insurrectionist, adding that while he'll let the court sort out the 14th Amendment battle playing out in multiple states, he believe at the very least that Trump "supported" an insurrection on Jan. 6.

"Whether the 14th Amendment applies or not, we'll let the court make that decision," Biden told reporters.

He added, "But he certainly supported an insurrection. There's no question about it. None. Zero. And he seems to be doubling down on it."

Legal battles continue

Maine became the latest state to remove Trump from the 2024 primary ballot after its Democratic secretary of state unilaterally decided that Trump is an insurrectionist and shouldn't be allowed to run.

It should be noted that Trump has not been convicted of any crime, and Maine's secretary of state is not a lawyer or legal scholar.

Many believe that the left's asinine attempt to keep him off state ballots will soon backfire after the U.S. Supreme Court is tasked with handling the final decision.

In the meantime, Trump continues to dominate both primary and general election polling, and Democrats are clearly panicking.


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