Trump campaign goes nuclear on ex-DeSantis staffer: 'traitor'

 January 4, 2024

The Trump campaign blasted an ex-Ron DeSantis staffer as a "traitor" and accused her of trying to erase her recent past working for "DeSanctimonious" in a bid to "stay relevant."

Trump War Room posted a lacerating statement labeling Erine Perinne a "grifter" and warned that the "foul stench" of her recent affiliation with DeSantis is permanent.

Trump campaign goes nuclear

Perinne went on Fox News' Mornings with Maria, where she appeared to praise Trump's 2024 prospects in comparison to Biden's. Perinne was the communications director for Never Back Down before the DeSantis Super PAC fired her in December.

The chyron on Mornings with Maria overlooked her recent work history and instead described Perrine as a "former Trump campaign communications director."

"Look at this grifter @ErinMPerrine trying to use her previous Trump association to get on TV. She chose to side with DeSanctimonious and nothing can ever wash that foul stench of s--- off her,” the Trump War Room said in a post on X.

"MAGA disowns her and anyone else that associates/works with her. TRAITOR!” the post continued.

DeSantis struggles....

DeSantis has complained that Trump's indictments "sucked all the oxygen" out of the primary, which has seen DeSantis struggle to connect with voters and meet the sky-high expectations many had for his campaign.

Never Back Down has cancelled all ad spending in New Hampshire and Iowa as the troubled organization offloads its responsibilities to a new super PAC, Fight Right.

DeSantis is betting on a big splash in the Iowa caucuses on January 15 to salvage his struggling campaign, as he slips behind Nikki Haley into third place. The two will be the only candidates on CNN's debate stage in Iowa next week.

Trump has boycotted the primary debates, citing his formidable double-digit lead.

As ex-DeSantis staffers look for new work, the Trump campaign has already warned that they won't find any job opportunities at the White House if Trump wins in 2024.

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