Trump celebrates as 'super RINO' Ken Buck announces he is leaving Congress

November 2, 2023

Colorado Republican Ken Buck is leaving Congress over Trump's "lies," and the former president couldn't be happier. 

Trump mocked "super RINO" Buck and speculated that he is "auditioning" for a cable news job - as Buck joined far-left CNN to explain his decision to quit politics.

Buck told host Kaitlin Collins that Republicans have lost "credibility" with their "lies" about Joe Biden, the 2020 election, and January 6th.

Republican runs to CNN

Biden won the 2020 election and the protesters who showed up on January 6th are "not political prisoners," Buck said.

"We continue to talk about and lie about the 2020 election as if it was stolen, as if Joe Biden wasn’t the real winner of that election. We keep lying about January 6 and the prisoners from January 6, the defendants who are not political prisoners but rather committed crimes," he said.

Buck ripped Republicans who characterized the January 6th riot as a "tour" that got out of hand.

"They damaged government property," he added. "So I don’t think we can have the credibility we need with the American public if we continue the lies that we’re now telling.”

Buck joined an amicus brief in a legal case challenging the 2020 election, Texas v. Pennsylvania - but Buck later voted to certify the results.

He has since become an outspoken critic of Trump and the Republican party under his leadership.

In recent months, Buck has dismissed the impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden, saying it isn't based on evidence.

Trump celebrates

Trump did not hesitate to wish Buck good riddance, calling his resignation "good news" for Republicans and the country.

"Good news for the Country! Congressman Ken Buck of Colorado, a weak and ineffective Super RINO if there ever was one, announced today that he won’t be running again, which is a great thing for the Republican Party," Trump said.

Trump said Buck is "auditioning for a job at Fake News CNN, MSDNC, or some other Country-destroying Leftwing Outlet."

Buck has indeed signaled he is looking at a gig in cable news, potentially at CNN. He told Collins that he looks forward to the day Republicans can move on from Trump and return to the "old Republican party."

All signs point to Trump becoming his party's nominee in the 2024 presidential election, and he is neck-and-neck with Biden in the polls.

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