Trump civil fraud trial adjourned for weekend following testimony from Don Jr. and Eric

November 4, 2023

Former President Donald Trump's two adult sons, Don Jr. and Eric, testified on the stand over the past few days in the ongoing $250 million civil fraud trial that stems from a lawsuit brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James that threatens to financially cripple and destroy the family's business empire.

Following the conclusion of Eric Trump's testimony on Friday, the court was adjourned and the trial was paused briefly for the weekend, according to NBC News.

The jury-less trial, in which the judge pre-emptively announced his verdict before the proceedings even officially began, will resume on Monday when the former president himself is expected to take the stand, followed later in the week by his eldest daughter Ivanka, who has also been compelled to testify.

Ivanka has to testify next week

The Hill reported that Ivanka Trump had been dismissed as an initial defendant in the lawsuit but was still ordered by the judge presiding over the case to appear in court and deliver testimony along with her two adult brothers and father.

She had appealed the order and argued to New York's Appellate Court that being compelled to travel from South Florida to New York to testify "in the middle of a school week" would cause "undue hardship for her and her young children, but the appeals court rejected that argument and denied her request for a temporary stay to at least delay the testimony until later.

That denial of a stay prompted Ivanka's attorneys to withdraw her broader appeal, as they wrote in a filing, "Given Ms. Trump’s trial testimony is now scheduled to take place before her motion is scheduled to be heard by this Court, Ms. Trump’s motion is now -- for all practical purposes -- moot."

Eric shreds AG over partisan "witch hunt" against the Trump family

NBC News reported that Eric Trump lambasted AG James over her "political witch hunt" against his father in furious remarks to reporters outside the courthouse after his testimony had concluded Friday afternoon.

"What New York state’s trying to do with my father is truly awful. I haven’t seen anything like it," he said. "They’ve dragged Don and I and Ivanka to it as collateral damage."

"They only want our names in this thing because it sensationalizes the case," he added. "We’ve done absolutely nothing wrong. We have a better company than they could ever imagine. And this is a big charade that’s a huge waste of taxpayer money, and it’s the very reason everybody’s moving out of New York State."

Trump attacks judge and AG on social media

Those remarks from Eric Trump echo the rhetoric used by his father in recent posts to Truth Social about the ongoing civil fraud trial in which he, his sons, and his company were already deemed liable for fraud for allegedly manipulating and inflating the claimed value of certain assets and properties in financial statements in order to obtain favorable terms for bank loans and insurance.

In a Friday morning post, Trump, who has accused the Biden administration of being behind the state-level lawsuit, said, "OUR COUNTRY IS UNDER THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF THREAT EVER, AND YET ALL THE DOJ & FBI WANT TO DO IS GO AFTER DONALD TRUMP AND HIS FAMILY. SAD!!!"

Just one day earlier, Trump ripped into both AG James and Judge Arthur Engoron and wrote, "So sad to see my sons being PERSECUTED in a political Witch Hunt by this out of control, publicity seeking, New York State Judge, on a case that should have NEVER been brought."

He insisted that his net worth was actually higher than what the financial statements said and accused the state's "star witness" of having "lied" during their testimony.

Trump added, "Banks and Insurance Companies made money, not even a minor default, and there were NO VICTIMS, except for the people getting mugged and murdered on the sidewalks of New York while our Corrupt Attorney General sits on her ass in Court all day watching the Trump family be abused by a Trump Hating Judge that said a Billion Dollar house is only worth $18,000,000 Million Dollars!!!"

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