Trump claims significant increase in support from the Black community

 September 10, 2023

Former President Donald Trump claims that he has gained significant support from the Black community, particularly after the release of his recent mugshot. 

Trump made the claim during a recent interview with Hugh Hewitt.

"Four and five times"

At one point in the interview, Trump said that his support - particularly among Democrats - has gone up in response to the recent indictments that have been brought against Trump.

"Many Democrats are with me," Trump said. "Many Democrats - because of what they’ve done, nobody’s ever seen this before, but because of what they’ve done, many Democrats will be voting for Trump."

It was at this point that Trump claimed that he has gained support in minority communities, such as the Black and Hispanic communities.

"The Black community is so different for me [than] in the last [election], since that mugshot was taken," Trump said, adding, "I don’t know if you’ve seen the polls, my polls with the Black community have gone up four and five times."

Trump continued, "Hispanic has been so good to me. The Hispanic community has been unbelievable - since that mugshot, which should have never been taken, but since that mugshot was taken of a very popular president of the United States."

CNN responds

The left-leaning CNN decided to respond to Trump's claims by fact-checking them.

The outlet reports:

National public polls do not show anything close to an increase of “four and five times” in Black support for Trump since his mug shot was taken, either in a race against President Joe Biden or in his own favorability rating.

CNN goes on to admit that "Most polls conducted after the release of the mug shot did find a higher level of Black support for Trump than he had in previous polls."

But, the outlet writes, "the increases were within the polls’ margins of error, not massive spikes, so it’s not clear whether there was a genuine improvement or the bump was just statistical noise."

CNN then goes on to look at individual polls, which support the above statements.

No response from Trump

At the time of this writing, neither Trump nor one of his spokespeople has responded to CNN's "fact check" report. CNN reports, "Trump’s campaign did not respond to CNN’s request to identify any poll that corroborates Trump’s claim."

Trump remains the Republican party's frontrunner, and he remains tied with Biden in general election polls. It is worth noting that the polls clearly show that Trump's support, in general, has increased since his indictments.

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