Trump critic Kim Godwin resigns as head of ABC News

 May 6, 2024

Former President Donald Trump had reason to be thrilled this week when one of his longtime critics resigned from her job. 

According to The Hill, Kim Godwin announced in a note to staff this past weekend that she will no longer serve as head of ABC News.

Godwin says that he departure comes after "considerable reflection"

"Anyone who's passionate about what we do knows there's no other business like it, so this was not an easy or quick decision," Godwin wrote.

"I'm certain it's the right one for me as I look to the future and prioritize what's most important for me and my family," she continued, adding that her decision came following "considerable reflection."

Godwin is being replaced by Disney executive Debra O'Connell, and her departure was met with opposition from the The National Association of Black Journalists.

The group released a statement denouncing what it regards as an effort to "undermine the leadership of the first Black woman to take the helm of a global news organization."

Media head called Trump's comments "as racist as they come"

Godwin has long had animosity towards Trump and lashed out at the former president for remarks he made while speaking at the Black Conservative Federation Gala in Columbia, South Carolina earlier this year.

As the New York Post reported in February, she slammed Trump for saying that "black people like me," a comment Godwin said was "as racist as they come."

"No matter one's politics, the fact that a person running for President of the United States made these remarks period — but also to a public crowd — and with so many black people present — and that they stand with him — is mind-blowing. Shocking," she wrote in a memo to staff.

However, the Post noted that Florida Republican Rep. Byron Donalds defended Trump during an interview with  NBC’s "Meet the Press."

Donalds says minority voters are getting behind Trump

"The President was really just enjoying himself. It was a great celebration for black conservatives across our country," Donalds said.

Donalds also took issue with allegations of racism from Cedric Richmond, who then-served as Director of the Office of Public Engagement.

"Cedric is trying to play politics and use racial politics," Donalds declared. "The number one reason why minority voters in our country want to support Donald Trump is because … he did a great job as president."

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