Trump crushes Biden, outperforms DeSantis in shock poll

 January 23, 2023

Donald Trump is crushing Joe Biden and leading top Republican threat Ron DeSantis in a shocking new poll.

Despite widespread predictions that the former president's political clout is fading, Trump is beating Biden by five points in the Harvard-Harris survey taken in January.

Trump topping Biden, Harris

In a re-match between the two, 46 percent say they would choose Trump and 41 percent say Biden.

Trump is beating vice president Kamala Harris by an even larger margin of eight points, leading 48 to 40.

DeSantis also comes out on top against both Biden and Harris but by smaller margins of three points each.

42 percent back the Florida governor when up against Biden, who gets 39 percent. In a contest with Harris, DeSantis leads 43 percent to Harris' 40 percent.

Gloomy nation down on Biden

Biden is, as usual, being dragged down by voters' pessimism, with over half of Americans saying their financial situation is worsening and the vast majority saying a recession is already here or on the way. With the exception of COVID, Biden is underwater on all of the issues polled.

Nearly 60 percent of voters have concerns about Biden's mental fitness. Ouch. Although, 76 percent of Democrats say Biden is sharp as a tack.

Speculation about Biden's political future has intensified following the discovery of unsecured classified documents from his vice presidency, something 64 percent called a "serious" risk to national security. 83 percent said the FBI should investigate.

Kamala Harris is the most popular choice after Biden in a hypothetical Democratic primary. Biden leads with an anemic 35 percent, but Harris is backed by 12 percent, followed closely by Bernie Sanders at 11 percent.

Trump vs. DeSantis

Trump has a commanding lead in the potentially crowded GOP primary field, with 48 percent backing him, followed by DeSantis at 28 percent. In a one-on-one, Trump still leads DeSantis among GOP voters by 10 points.

But pollster Mark Penn warned there is still room for DeSantis to grow.

“Trump has strengthened somewhat but Ron DeSantis continues to strengthen as well,” Penn said. “Trump is ahead but already has every vote he can get — DeSantis is the candidate of potential.”

Trump has broken with many Republicans by calling for no cuts to Social Security in the new Congress. The Trumpian position, while not traditionally conservative, is broadly popular: the poll found 85 percent would support a bill to secure Social Security for the next two decades.

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