Trump dares judge to bar him from the courtroom

 January 20, 2024

Former President Donald Trump just dared a judge to bar him from the courtroom.

Fox News reports that the incident took place this past week during the defamation trial that E. Jean Carroll has brought against Trump.

The case is taking place in New York, and it is being overseen by Judge Lewis Kaplan, an appointee of former President Bill Clinton.

Based on what has taken place in the courtroom over the past several days, it is safe to say that Trump and Kaplan really do not like each other.

What happened?

Trump is clearly not happy with the situation. The former president has insisted that Carroll's various claims against him have no basis and that she is merely another individual who is looking to interfere with his presidential campaign.

Trump has made this position abundantly clear on his Truth Social account. But, he also made it clear when he appeared in the courtroom on Wednesday.

According to Fox, while Carroll was testifying, Trump could be heard saying such things as "that's not true," "witch hunt," and "con job." And, this is what caused Kaplan to threaten to bar Trump from the trial.

"I would love it."

According to Fox, it was after lunch, when the jury was still excused, that Kaplan threatened Trump.

"Mr. Trump, I hope I don't have to consider excluding you from the trial. I understand you're probably eager for me to do that," Kaplan responded.

Trump then replied, "I would love it," but the exchange did not end there.

Kaplan said, "I know you would like it. You just can't control yourself in this circumstance, apparently," to which Trump responded, "You can't either," before walking out of the courtroom.

The latest

After the above incident, which took place on Wednesday, Trump missed several days of the trial to attend the funeral services for his mother-in-law. Trump asked the court to delay the trial to allow him to attend the services, but Kaplan refused.

On Thursday, another incident took place between Trump's legal team and Kaplan. It came when one of Trump's lawyers was questioning Carroll. Kaplan reportedly admonished the lawyer by saying such things as, "Come on! This is Evidence 101!"

Currently, the trial is in the damages phase - the court is trying to determine how much money Trump has to pay Carroll for defaming her. Carroll is requesting upwards of $10 million, and with the anti-Trump bias of the court, she just might get it.

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