Trump defiant as Biden Justice Department piles on more charges

 July 28, 2023

The Biden regime is piling more charges on Donald Trump in its relentless effort to destroy his presidential campaign. 

A superseding indictment accuses Biden's top rival of trying to delete security footage at his Mar-A-Lago estate, where Trump is accused of keeping classified documents he wasn't supposed to have.

Trump was also charged for his handling of the so-called "Iran war plan," which has figured heavily in media coverage of the case.

Another Trump indictment

Trump, who is 77 years old, was already facing a century in prison under the original indictment, which accused him of unlawfully withholding national defense information from the government.

The crux of prosecutor Jack Smith's initial "obstruction" angle was that Trump had boxed moved out of storage room to hide them from investigators.

The new indictment claims Trump conspired with two employees, Walter Nauta and Carlos De Oliveira, to delete surveillance footage that was requested by investigators. De Oliviera allegedly told another worker that "the boss" wanted the servers wiped.

The surveillance footage is key to Smith's case, as it shows the boxes being moved.

Where's the crime?

The feds ultimately got their hands on the tape, Trump noted in an interview Friday.

"These were security tapes. I don't think we would have wanted to fight that ... I doubt we would have ever wanted to fight that. I doubt we would have had to give it. Regardless, we gave it," Trump said.

In another bizarre twist, Trump was charged over his handling of a classified military document that he returned in January of 2022 - months before the feds began their investigation.

Trump allegedly had brandished the document at his New Jersey golf course in front of people who were not authorized to view it. The media have sensationalized the episode as one of the most damning aspects of the whole case, but until Thursday, Trump wasn't charged over the document.

Trump defiant

Smith's new standard seems to be that any documents Trump took are fair game for charges - regardless of how quickly they were returned. Yet, Joe Biden has not been charged for keeping classified documents in his garage.

It really looks like Trump's enemies are terrified he might actually beat Biden in 2024 - so they're trying to destroy Trump before that can happen. But Trump is pledging that he won't end his presidential campaign, even if he's sent to prison.

"Not at all," Trump said, when asked if a conviction would stop his campaign. "There's nothing in the Constitution to say that it could, and not at all."

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