Trump denies latest Melania Trump rumor

October 24, 2023

President Trump has responded to a "fake news" report in the New York Times that he asked his wife Melania to wear a bikini to make other men jealous.

Trump said he wanted "all the other guys [to] get a look at what they were missing," Anthony Pratt, an Australian billionaire and Mar-A-Lago member, claimed.

Trump denies Melania rumor

The New York Times printed the claim, citing secret recordings of Pratt from 60 Minutes Australia.

"I’ll do that when you walk around with me in your bikini" was Melania's sharp response, Pratt claimed.

The Times report also claimed that Trump shared nuclear secrets with Pratt, a witness in Jack Smith's classified documents case against Trump.

In a Truth Social post, Trump accused "deranged" Jack Smith of leaking the "fake" story to the "failing" New York Times. 

Trump also denied claims that he shared nuclear secrets with Pratt, whom Trump labeled a "red haired weirdo from Australia."

"The Failing New York Times story, leaked by Deranged Jack Smith and the Biden 'Political Opponent Abuser' DOJ, about a red haired weirdo from Australia, named Anthony Pratt, is Fake News," Trump wrote.

Trump said the Times "never called me for a comment."

"Why would they, they just write anything they want. Whether it’s correct or not is of ZERO importance to them. 'All the News That’s Unfit To Print.' That’s why we call it the Fake News!"

Rumor mill

Trump's campaign also dismissed the Times report, saying it comes from "sources which totally lack proper context and relevant information.”

This is the second story to emerge recently about Trump's attitude toward his wife, a former supermodel from Slovenia.

Trump last week blasted a "fake" account from rival Mitt Romney, who said Trump bragged about "dropping" his then-girlfriend, whom Trump said was desired by "every guy in New York."

Melania is Trump's third wife and the mother of his 17-year-old son Barron.

Trump's relationship with Melania has long been grist for the media's rumor mill, and her absence from the campaign trail has continued to drive speculation of tensions in the marriage.

Nevertheless, Melania is said to be fiercely loyal to her husband - with whom she shares a deep distrust of the media.

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