Trump denounces antisemites, including Nick Fuentes

 December 17, 2022

Former President Donald Trump has just denounced antisemites and white nationalist Nick Fuentes. 

Trump did so during an exclusive interview with Breitbart News.

Some context

Trump's rebuke of anti-semitism comes after he had dinner last month with Kanye West at his Mar-a-Lago resort in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Trump was blasted for the move considering that Kanye West has made a number of antisemitic remarks in recent months. But, Trump was further condemned for the fact that West brought along with him to the dinner Nick Fuentes, a white nationalist who is also a Holocaust denier.

Many Republicans criticized Trump for dining with these individuals. Trump, in a previous statement, indicated that he did not know who Fuentes was and that he accepted West's invitation to the dinner out of courtesy, to help out a "seriously troubled man."

This, however, wasn't good enough for many Republicans, who called upon Trump to make a more definitive statement condemning the sorts of viewpoints that have been espoused by West and Fuentes.

Now, Trump is doing just that.

Trump explains

During the interview with Breitbart, Trump began by, once again, explaining the dinner.

He said:

Very importantly, I didn’t know him [Fuentes] and I never heard of him. Kanye—I knew Kanye. Kanye was very nice to me and very respectful of me. Kanye went on Tucker Carlson and said Trump is the greatest guy — I’m the only one he mentioned — and so Kanye called, and he needed some help and advice. I agreed to that. He brought a group of people along. One of the people was this one. How would I know what Kanye’s views of the world are? I didn’t do a study of Kanye. I didn’t do a study as to what he thinks of a certain race or a certain religion or anything else.

Trump continued:

I think it was a very good meeting from the standpoint of we discussed a lot of things, but this wasn’t even discussed. This was not a subject or red-flag subject. Then, I only heard a day or two after that that he had said some very negative antisemitic remarks. But he didn’t say anything negative at all about anything in terms of antisemitic during that dinner. The dinner was a quick dinner. The dinner went very quickly and then they went off and then I found out who the other one was. There were other people too. One was a real estate person, and one was a person in politics who everybody knew, well-known and respected.

"The fake news media made a big deal over something, and they shouldn’t have done that," Trump added.

Trump condemns antisemitism and Fuentes

Breitbart next asked Trump whether Fuentes or "anyone else espousing antisemitism or Holocaust denialism or racism" has a place in the Republican Party or in Trump's America First movement.

Trump replied, "No, they don’t. Nobody does that has the wrong and ill will about people. We don’t want ill will."

We'll have to see if Trump here finally did enough to silence his critics.

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