Trump discusses potential running mates in leaked audio

 May 6, 2024

Americans will go to the polls in less than six months, and many are wondering who former President Donald Trump will ask to join him on the ballot.

According to the Washington Examiner, Trump can be heard discussing some of those who have made his short list on a recently released audio recording. 

Trump touted Utah senator's haircut and praised North Dakota governor's wealth

That recording was obtained by Axios and it was made during a three-day retreat held for GOP donors which Trump held at his Mar-a-Lago resort this past weekend.

The former president can be heard making positive remarks about a string of high-profile Republican figures, most of whom were reportedly at the event.

Some of Trump's comments were relatively superficial in nature, such as offering praise for Utah Sen. Mike Lee's haircut and highlighting North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum's financial success.

He also said Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn resembled the Energizer Bunny during her 2018 campaign, saying, "She would go from stop to stop to stop."

Former critic turned Trump supporter J.D. Vance hailed as a "great" senator

However, other comments were more substantive, such as the remarks that Trump directed towards freshman Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance.

The presumptive Republican nominee recalled how Vance "wasn't a supporter of mine at the very beginning ... He was saying things like 'the guy's a total disaster.'"

Yet Trump went on to stress that Vance's perspective later changed after the two became acquainted and has since "become one of the great senators."

For his part, Vance told Fox News host Laura Ingraham in an interview last month that he has "never actually spoken to the president about VP speculation" but expressed a desire to "help him however I can."

Elise Stefanik has become known as a staunch Trump defender

Another person Trump singled out was New York Rep. Elise Stefanik, who currently serves as chairwoman of the House Republican Conference.

The former president hailed Stefanik as being a "very smart person," adding, "She was in upstate New York when I met her…little did we realize she would be such a big factor."

Stefanik made headlines late last year when she filed a complaint against the judge who was overseeing Trump's civil fraud trial.

In a letter sent to the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct, Stefanik accused Judge Arthur Engoron of showing "inappropriate bias and judicial intemperance" while breaking "several rules."

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