Trump dismisses VP rumors

 February 1, 2024

Donald Trump dismissed rumors that he is considering Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as his running mate - blasting the political scion as a "radical left" ideologue. 

"He is by far the most Radical Left person running for office, maybe ever! Look at his environmental program, and close up the USA!" Trump wrote on Truth Social.

Trump ends the rumors

Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president in 2024, was responding to rumors circulated by the New York Post.

The report claimed that the Trump campaign approached RFK "early on."

The suggestion was "right out of the box" after Kennedy launched his campaign - and the sources admitted the whole thing was "premature."

As Trump observed in his post, Kennedy is a progressive on issues like the climate, despite some superficial parallels between his agenda and Trump's populist platform.

Trump had previously praised RFK Jr. publicly as his candidacy began grabbing media attention and interest from members of Trump's following.

Trump adviser Chris LaCivita also dismissed the rumors of a Trump-Kennedy ticket as "fake news" and called Kennedy a "radical environmentalist."

Trump VP rumors swirl

Kennedy is running as an independent after leaving the Democratic party, with which his famous family has long been associated.

He insists that the Trump campaign reached out to him and that he was "flattered" but not interested.

"I would not take that job. And I’m flattered that President Trump would offer it to me, but it’s not something that I’m interested in,” he told NewsNation.

The campaigns for Trump and President Biden have expressed concern that RFK could act as a spoiler in a presidential contest that is certain to be very close - with voters deeply polarized along party lines.

Speculation about Trump's running mate has been building, with his victory in the Republican primary seen as a virtual certainty after he dominated early contests in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Some top names include New York Rep. Elise Stefanik (R), Senator J.D. Vance (R), and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R).

It appears Trump will keep the country guessing for now - but at least he's giving some insight on who won't be picked.

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