Trump Endorses Lauren Boebert

 March 4, 2024

Donald Trump, America's former president and currently the most likely person to be the next nominee for the Republican Party, has finally made a decision.

He knows who he's going to support in at least one Congressional race:

Lauren Boebert.

Sure, Boebert has been riding wave after wave of controversy lately, but that doesn't change how Trump sees her as a leader.

After all, Trump has never been somebody who is void of controversy, so it would be a little hyptocritical of him to say that the Boebert family's legal issues should disqualify her from any sort of leadership position.

Not only is Trump not hating on Boebert like many other politicians are, he still has her back 100%.

"She has led the fight to Impeach Joe Biden, Stop Illegal Immigration, Defend the Second Amendment, Protect our Wonderful Ranchers and Farmers, Support our Military and Veterans, Secure our Natural Resources to Pursue Energy Dominance, and Stand Up to the Radical Democrats who want to Destroy our Beautiful Country," Trump recently wrote on social media.

"Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is a trusted America First Fighter, and has my Complete and Total Endorsement for Colorado’s 4th Congressional District!"

Boebert isn't looking like the frontrunner in her old district, so she's decided to switch districts in order to improve her chances to remain in office.

Reports indicate that she's going after the seat left open by Ken Buck:

Boebert, who was first elected to Congress in 2020, announced in December she would be switching districts, abandoning the 3rd congressional and running for reelection this year in the 4th, the district currently represented by Rep. Ken Buck (R), who decided he will retire from his post at the lower chamber.

Boebert herself took to social media to tell the world how much the endorsement meant to her:

Despite switching districts and having Trump's endorsement, Boebert still faces an uphill fight to be elected again.

A small straw poll is all we really have to go off of right now, and the poll was conducted before Turmp's endorsement, but Boebert had been polling as poorly as fifth place in her new district.

Do you think that Trump's endorsement will give Boebert the boost she needs to win?

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