Trump enraged that Fox New didn't mention him when talking about counterterrorism

 October 25, 2023

Former President Donald Trump seems to think Fox News deliberately slighted him on Monday during a discussion about counterterrorism policies of previous presidents that included Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

Trump said on Truth Social:

Fox & Friends this morning stated that, under Ronald Reagan and George Bush (Which one?), there was a tough policy against Terrorists. They’re wrong on Bush, but they left out one person—“TRUMP,” who took out ISIS, al-Baghdadi, Soleimani, and everyone else who was in the way of Justice and Peace. Next time maybe they could ask their Bosses, like RINO Paul RINO, for permission to use my name. The good news is, based on the Polls, the PEOPLE understand!

Trump referred to a Fox&Friends discussion in which host Steve Doocy said, “I remember growing up, I remember Ronald Reagan was talking about the evil empire. I remember George Bush talked about the axis of evil, of course he was referring to Iran, Iraq, and North Korea. Well now there is a new axis of evil.”

Trump has previously attacked and insulted former House Speaker Paul Ryan, who now sits on the board of Fox News, as being anti-Trump and fighting some of his policies during the first two years of his presidency.

The animus

While the network's hosts are mostly pro-Trump, at least the popular ones, the leadership of the network has seemed almost anti-Trump at times--and he largely blames Ryan for that.

The animus has mostly soured Trump on the whole network even though it is the largest conservative network in the country.

He has repeatedly called Fox News "hostile" and opted out of two GOP presidential debates hosted by the network.

It seems like Trump sees enemies everywhere since becoming a candidate for the GOP nomination in 2024, but he is under four separate indictments and fighting at least two civil cases, so that may be understandable.

Trump way ahead

Trump continues to be way ahead in GOP primary polls looking toward 2024, and it is only around three months until voting begins.

While roughly just under half of GOP voters nationally don't want Trump as the nominee, those voters are split between several other candidates or just generally undecided.

In January, Trump only had 42% support among GOP voters, according to FiveThirtyEight's compilation of national polls. Now, he is at 57%, having steadily increased even while four separate Democrat courts indicted him on 91 separate charges.

If he does get the nomination, he has a roughly even chance of beating President Joe Biden, according to current polls.

But much can and will change between now and this time next year, when early voting will already be happening in some states.

One can only hope people think hard about their choices and don't keep falling for the same divisive rhetoric that has plagued the last several presidential elections.

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