Trump goes off on judge in New York civil case

 January 12, 2024

The judge overseeing Donald Trump's New York civil lawsuit was apparently powerless to stop the former president from launching into a diatribe on Thursday. 

That's according to the Daily Mail, which noted how Judge Arthur Engoron had previously barred Trump from speaking in court.

Trump: "This is a fraud on me"

However, Engoron permitted the former president to "speak for five minutes" on the condition that he "comment on the law, the facts, not go outside of it."

Trump then proceeded to decry allegations made by New York Attorney General Leticia James that he inflated the value of his assets, dismissing them as a "political witch hunt" in which there is "not one witness against us."

The former president pointed to "legal scholars" who said the case against is "disgraceful" and "vicious." He also asserted that his company's financial statements had been "perfect" while his lenders were as "happy as can be."

Trump further complained that the lawsuit "It doesn't give me a jury, it takes away all my rights. This is no fraud, this is a fraud on me."

Former president says judge has his "own agenda"

When Engoron warned Trump not to go outside the established fact, the former president reacted by voicing frustration.

"When you say don't go outside of these things--we have a situation where I'm an innocent man," Trump declared. "I've been persecuted by someone running for office. I have to go outside the bounds (of the case)."

"They don't want me anymore, let's get rid of Trump," the former president said of New York state. "I built buildings all over this city. I have a problem, I guess it's because I ran for office."

He went on to lash out at the attorney general as well as the judge himself, claiming that James "hates Trump" while Engoron has his "own agenda."

Judge to Trump's lawyer: "Control your client"

The judge at one point addressed Trump's lawyer, telling him to "control your client," although admonition this had little effect.

Trump's outburst came one day after Engoron refused Trump's request for a brief pause following the death of his mother-in-law.

Fox News reported on Tuesday that former First Lady Melania Trump announced the passing of her "beloved" mother, 78-year-old Amalija Knavs.

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