Trump has multiple options after guilty conviction, including Supreme Court

 June 2, 2024

Liberals have certainly been celebrating the fact that they were just able to convict America's 45th President of 34 felonies on what were widely considered bogus charges, but the latest news is that the ecstasy they're feeling may be short-lived.

Alvin Bragg's "thrill kill" of Donald Trump has certainly invigorated liberals across the country, but the fact of the matter is that Donald Trump has a LOT of options to keep himself alive until the 2024 Presidential Election.

If liberals aren't able to wipe Trump out before the ballots are cast on Election Day 2024, then they'll probably never be able to.

Trump's plan

It's no secret that Donald Trump does NOT want to go to jail. He's openly criticized the cases against him as being nothing but a witch hunt, and he complained about all of the time that he was stuck in a courtroom in Manhattan instead of out making progress on the campaign trail.

Still, when Judge Juan Merchan got an entire jury to decide Donald Trump was guilty of 34 felony charges under dubious circumstances, it might not have been the death blow that liberals are portraying it as.

Support for Trump

Even if Trump doesn't pull some crazy ace out of his sleeve, there's an argument to be made that Donald Trump could still win the election.

After his 34 felony convictions, it was reported that the Trump campaign had raised over $50,000,000 in just 24 hours. That shows that Donald Trump has enough support where it may be a reasonable gameplan to simply survive until election day and then let the American people decide if Trump was really guilty on election day.

If Trump is getting worried about beating Biden though, and feels that he needs to be making moves to further increase his stock, he still has options.

The Supreme Court

Trump's best chance for somebody else to make his legal problems go away might be getting his case to the Supreme Court.

Liberals weaponized an extremely liberal area (New York City) to get a guilty conviction in the first place, so what's wrong with Trump wanting to do battle in a conservative arena?

The fact that Donald Trump has appointed three of the judges currently sitting on the Supreme Court, plus the fact that it's a conservative majority, mean that it's VERY possible that Trump could get a favorable ruling from them.

It doesn't hurt Trump that Samuel Alito has refused to bend to liberal pressure and has said that he's going to stay on cases involving Trump and the election. That's just one more vote of conservative support for liberals to overcome.

Election Day and beyond

If Trump is able to somehow win the election this November, there's a pretty good chance that Trump the president will be able to make many of Trump the man's problems go away.

Trump had been saying for YEARS that there was a witch hunt out to demonize him, but many Americans felt there wasn't enough proof to validate it. Now that they've seen him convicted on 34 felonies with no evidence but testimony from known liars, America has no reason to doubt our former president.

Do you think Trump will stay out of jail? If he does, will he win the 2024 election? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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