Trump has scored numerous legal victories in securing trial delays: Report

 May 12, 2024

Former President Donald Trump might still have plenty of legal obstacles before the election, but his legal team has scored several victories in recent weeks.

The victories come in the form of trial delays, which keep the former president out of the courtroom before the 2024 election, allowing him to campaign and raise money instead of sinking his time and resources into legal battles.

As New Republic reported, Trump has scored several delays in recent weeks, in different forms.

Legal observers have noted that Trump's legal defense team has focused on securing trial delays.

What's going on?

The outlet pointed out that aside from the ongoing "hush money" trial unfolding in New York, Trump is sitting in a much better legal position than he has been for the past year or so.

As a side note, legal observers have offered mixed opinions on whether or not Trump has anything to worry about regarding Stormy Daniels' recent testimony. Some believe her salacious testimony was irrelevant to the case and could help Trump, and some others believe her testimony was damning enough to turn the jury against the former president.

Regardless, Trump's most recent massive legal victory came out of Georgia, where a judge granted his request for an appeal of the decision earlier this year that allowed Fulton County DA Fani Willis to stay on the case.

Because of the appeal, the scheduled Georgia trial will be pushed back considerably, and probably after the 2024 election. The Georgia case, according to legal experts, was likely one of Trump's most formidable legal challenges.

The New Republic noted:

As a state-level prosecution, Trump also could not simply pardon or purge himself out of it if he won in November.

Classified documents case

In another stunning legal win for Trump and his lawyers, the judge overseeing the classified documents probe delayed the case "indefinitely."

The trial was scheduled to start May 20, but Judge Aileen Cannon said there was too much to be resolved before then.

NPR reported:

In a written order issued late Tuesday, Cannon said there are too many outstanding pre-trial motions and classified issues that need to be resolved — and said a trial date cannot be finalized. It is unlikely that the trial will now start before the November election.

As long as Trump and his lawyers continue the winning streak, his 2024 campaign should be just fine.

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