Trump is taking 'unmatched control' over the Republican Party

 February 10, 2024

Politico recently published a report in which it claims that the actions of the past week demonstrate that former President Donald Trump has "unmatched control" over the Republican Party. 

The outlet reports:

Donald Trump long ago bent the Republican Party to his will. But seldom has the sheer sweep of the former president’s dominance been laid bare more clearly than this week.

Politico, to prove its point, highlights three things that happened this past week.

The first is the demise of the Congressional border-security deal; the second is the resignation of the Republican National Committee Chair; and, the third is Trump's dominating performance in the Nevada caucuses.

The border deal

The so-called border bill failed mid-week, thanks to opposition from Senate Republicans. But, there is no doubt that Trump played a large role. The former president repeatedly called for the bill to be rejected.

"Only a fool, or a Radical Left Democrat, would vote for this horrendous Border Bill, which only gives Shutdown Authority after 5000 Encounters a day, when we already have the right to CLOSE THE BORDER NOW, which must be done," Trump wrote on social media, in one of several messages that he posted on the subject.

He added:

This Bill is a great gift to the Democrats, and a Death Wish for The Republican Party. It takes the HORRIBLE JOB the Democrats have done on Immigration and the Border, absolves them, and puts it all squarely on the shoulders of Republicans. Don’t be STUPID!!! We need a separate Border and Immigration Bill. It should not be tied to foreign aid in any way, shape, or form! The Democrats broke Immigration and the Border. They should fix it. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

Senate Republicans did as Trump said.

McDaniel's resignation

Next, there is Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel's resignation, which, again, Trump played a huge part in.

Not only did the resignation come after Trump said that it was time for McDaniel to step down, but reports indicate that McDaniel met with Trump and the two of them agreed that it would be best for McDaniel to step down after the upcoming South Carolina primary.

Trump is clearly calling the shots here.

The Nevada primary and caucus

Finally, there was the Nevada primary and caucuses, which Trump dominated, in the process embarrassing his remaining Republican 2024 rival, Nikki Haley.

Not only did Haley lose the primary by a large margin to "none of these candidates," but Trump won the Nevada caucuses with 99.1% of the vote.

So, Politico is right on this one. Trump's control over the Republican Party is indisputable.

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