Trump Judge Should Recuse Herself

 October 31, 2023

Mike Davis is a former law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

When Mike Davis talks about the law, America should listen.

Davis understands the law better than most.

And, in his evaluation of the law, he made a discovery that will absolutely infuriate any enemies of Donald Trump:

The Denver Judge who is overseeing Trump's case regarding the removal of Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot in Colorado needs to remove herself from the case.

According to Mike Davis, he previous "biased" actions are pretty much all the justification America needs to not trust Sarah Wallace.

"Well, unfortunately, I think this biased Denver Judge Sarah Wallace, who donated to a January 6 PAC to go after Trump supporters and who is now hearing this case, I think she is going to rule for these Democrat operatives and try to take President Trump off the ballot here in Colorado," Davis said. "And I think that Democrats are going to try and use that precedent to go to other states like Minnesota and Michigan. So it looks like the Supreme Court of the United States is going to have to step in here and fix this eventually."

What Davis is trying to say here is that this case isn't just going to impact Donald Trump in Colorado.

It could set the standard across the country.

This isn't an unfounded concern.

Many reports indicate that Minnesota is not too far behind Colorado when it comes to potentially keeping Donald J. Trump off the 2024 presidential ballot.

Mike Davis believes that Sarah Wallace needs to recuse herself from Donald Trump's case because of a donation she made to a January 6 PAC aiming to attack Donald Trump.

Trump's attorney in the case, Scott Gessler, feels the same way.

Gessler filed a motion seeking the recusal of Wallace, and Mike Davis thinks that was the right decision:

"She should absolutely recuse on this case. This judge, Sarah Wallace, is a Democrat donor who the Democrat governor just appointed to the Denver District Court. He appointed her in August of 2022, effective of January of 2023."

Wallace denied the request for recusal by saying she didn't remember donating to any anti-Trump causes.

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