Trump lashes out at 'crooked judge' after huge civil trial verdict

 February 20, 2024

Former President Donald Trump lashed out on Truth Social and during a speech in Michigan on Saturday at the judge in the New York civil trial that fined him $355 million on Friday for supposedly inflating the values of his properties to get better loan and insurance rates. 

Trump repeatedly called Judge Arthur Engoron a "crooked judge" for ruling that he was guilty before the trial even began and for ignoring evidence during the trial.

Engoron allowed testimony that Mar-A-Lago was only worth $18 million when, as Trump said, it was worth "50 to 100" times that amount. "They didn't even included 'brand value' known and accepted to be worth many billions of dollars," he complained.

Engoron unfair

Engoron admitted during the trial that the banks had not lost a penny, as all of the loans Trump got were paid in full. The banks also said that they did due diligence in vetting the property valuations before offering credit to Trump and that they were eager to do business with him.

Engoron also made multiple negative comments about Trump during the trial, telling one of his attorneys that Trump was a "bad guy." So much for judicial impartiality.

Engoron's malpractice and willingness to levy such a huge fine for a victimless crime when all parties were satisfied with their transactions could even lead the Supreme Court to intervene, which it occasionally does for large verdicts like this.

Strain on Trump Organization

Trump also said that the crime he is accused of is victimless, which Reuters said could be his best grounds for an appeal.

The verdict adds to his existing nearly $90 million in fines levied by civil courts against him, and The Washington Post speculated gleefully on Friday that the amount would put a strain on the Trump Organization's resources.

Although Trump's business is valued at $3.1 billion, only about $600 million is in liquid cash. These fines may cause the business to have to sell some of its real estate holdings in order to satisfy them, even though the appeals process may take years.

This is because, according to the Post, Trump will have to post a bond in the amount of the fines before he is allowed to appeal the verdict. It was not clear whether the $100 in interest and penalties will also have to be included in the bond.

Trump banned

Another part of the verdict bans Trump from running his own business for three years. His sons are banned for two years.

Currently, the Trump Organization does not have a CEO or controller, which may cause chaos within the organization even as Trump retains ownership.

Letitia James would love to run Trump and the whole organization out of town on a rail, even though as Trump claims, he paid $300 million in taxes during the Biden administration even as illegal immigrants have overrun the city.


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