Trump lawyer blasts Jack Smith's Supreme Court maneuver

 December 17, 2023

Former President Donald Trump's attorneys have worked overtime to gain any advantage to protect their client, and oftentimes their statements generate headlines.

According to The Hill, Alina Habba, a lawyer for the former president, slammed Special Counsel Jack Smith for his request to the Supreme Court to expedite a ruling on a matter of whether or not Trump has immunity.

Habba, like Trump and others in the former president's inner circle, accused Smith of "election interference" in his latest attempt to have the high court rule on the Trump immunity issue.

Though Habba was critical of Smith taking the matter to the high court before a D.C. Circuit Court rules on the matter, she said she has faith that the Supreme Court will come to the right decision.

What did she say?

Habba held nothing back as she torched Smith's latest maneuvers, accusing him of blatant interference in an attempt to hamstring Trump's 2024 presidential campaign.

"There is some sort of real sense of urgency,” Habba said in an interview highlighted by Mediaite. “The only urgency that I can see is that there is an election in November 2024 and they can’t beat him.”

Fox Business Network’s Larry Kudlow suggested that Trump's opposition simply wants him in court every day during the campaign season, hindering his ability to campaign like any other candidate.

"They can’t beat him in the ballots so they’re gonna have to either, you know, lie, cheat, steal or the newest, is lawfare, put him in jail, tie him up," Habba said.

She added, "It’s actually playing against them."

Habba went on to explain that because it's so obvious to so many people what President Joe Biden's Justice Department is doing to Trump that he's winning new voter blocs as a result.

"He’s getting a lot of voters that he normally wouldn’t get because they’re seeing this and he is the victim of, all of a sudden they’ve made him a victim of complete and utter election interference and lawfare," Habba said.

Trump's sitting pretty

Despite the long list of legal issues, including over 90 charges against him from four indictments, Trump remains dominant in all relevant GOP primary polling.

Additionally, Trump has gained shocking ground in hypothetical matchups against Biden, even beating the sitting president handily in some national polls.

Some, including the former president, have argued that Trump's indictments are the best political fundraising and momentum-building tool possible.

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