Trump Lawyer Joe Tacopina withdraws from his legal cases

 January 16, 2024

Joe Tacopina, a prominent New York trial lawyer known for representing high-profile clients, is withdrawing from former President Trump's legal cases.

Tacopina had been involved in Trump's criminal hush money case and a sexual battery civil lawsuit brought by E. Jean Carroll.

No explanation

The reasons behind Tacopina's withdrawal are not clear, and he declined to provide further comment. This development comes a day before Carroll, who previously won a $5 million judgment against Trump, is set to take him to trial again seeking damages for defamation.

Tacopina sent a notice seeking to withdraw from representing Trump in the appeal of last year's verdict.

While Tacopina is not counsel in the upcoming Carroll trial, he had been representing Trump in the appeal process.

Other Trump lawyers

Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung stated that Trump has a strong legal team and is committed to fighting against what he perceives as partisan election interference hoaxes.

Trump has a history of changing legal representation during key moments in various legal matters. Tacopina, a former Brooklyn prosecutor, has represented celebrities like Michael Jackson, A-Rod, Meek Mill, and Don Imus over the years.

Tacopina's representation of Trump marked his involvement in the first criminal indictment of a former president, particularly in the case brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, charging Trump with falsifying business records related to hush money payments.

The appeal

Joe Tacopina will no longer be handling Trump's appeal of the verdict in E. Jean Carroll's civil lawsuit. Attorneys Alina Habba and Michael Maddaio are now representing Trump in Carroll's other lawsuit, which is set to go on trial on Tuesday in Manhattan federal court.

Tacopina, known for his extensive experience and success in criminal cases, was a prominent member of Trump's legal team.

His notable clients have included former baseball star Alex Rodriguez, Fox News host Sean Hannity and rapper A$AP Rocky.

In the civil lawsuit brought by Carroll, Tacopina represented Trump, who was found liable for sexual abuse by the jury, leading to a $5 million award to Carroll.

Trump did not testify at that trial and has expressed regret for not doing so. Despite not being involved in the upcoming Carroll trial on defamation, Tacopina's withdrawal adds another layer to the legal dynamics surrounding Trump's ongoing legal challenges that include other cases in Florida, Georgia and Washington ahead of his comeback bid for the White House.

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