Trump lays out plan to fight corruption, protect free speech on social media

 December 16, 2022

Elon Musk recently caused a stir by revealing how Twitter staff helped Joe Biden's presidential campaign while silencing his critics. This week, former President Donald Trump unveiled plan to keep that from happening again.

According to Breitbart, Trump laid out the details of his program in a video posted to Truth Social on Thursday.

Trump promises to act "within hours" of taking office

"If we don't have free speech, then we just don't have free country," the former president declared, adding, "It's as simple as that."

"If this most fundamental right is allowed to perish, then the rest of our rights and liberties will topple just like dominos, one by one," he insisted.

Trump pledged that "within hours" of coming to office he will "sign an executive order banning any federal department or agency from colluding with any organization, business, or person to censor, limit, categorize, or impede the lawful speech of American citizens."

What's more, Trump promised "to ban federal money from being used to label domestic speech as 'mis-' or 'disinformation'" as well as fire "every federal bureaucrat who has engaged in domestic censorship, directly or indirectly."

The former president also said he would "order the Department of Justice to investigate all parties involved in the new online censorship regime," something he called "absolutely destructive and terrible."

Next, Trump said he would "ask Congress to send a bill to my desk revising Section 230, to get big online platforms out of censorship business."

Under this new rubric, digital companies would "only qualify for immunity protection under Section 230 if they meet high standards of neutrality, transparency, fairness, and nondiscrimination."

"Clear criminal penalties" for bureaucrats who censor

Further, Trump insisted that "federal government should immediately stop funding all nonprofits and academic programs that support this authoritarian project."

This would include cutting funding to any university "engaged in censorship activities or election interference in the past, such as flagging social media content for removal or blacklisting."

Also on the agenda is "clear criminal penalties for federal bureaucrats who partner with private entities to do an end-run around the constitution and deprive Americans of their First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights."

Finally, Trump declared that "the time has finally come for Congress to pass a digital bill of rights" which includes "a right to digital due process."

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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