Trump loses gag order challenge in NY case

 December 15, 2023

Former President Donald Trump lost an appeal to stop the gag order against him in his New York fraud case.

The gag order was issued by Judge Arthur Engoron on Oct. 3 following a controversial post by Trump on Truth Social about the judge's law clerk.

The decision

"On Thursday, the mid-level state appeals court, known as the Appellate Division, said the gag order did not have a major impact," Reuters reported.

"Here, the gravity of potential harm is small, given that the Gag Order is narrow, limited to prohibiting solely statements regarding the court's staff," the order read.

The latest

"Donald Trump has lashed out at New York attorney general Letitia James on Truth Social, calling her 'politically biased and motivated' in her investigation of his financial statements, which he insists were really 'undervalued,'" the Independent noted of Trump's latest actions following the announcement, with him attacking another leader in the legal battle.

“I am worth Billions of Dollars more than is shown on my very Conservative Financial Statements, THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF THE A.G. WITCH HUNT!!!” the Republican presidential front-runner fumed.

The background

"Trump has been fined twice over apparent violations of the limited order," Axios reported.

"Trump's team argued in a filing last month that the orders 'shield' the judge overseeing the case and his law clerk from 'the precise scrutiny essential to maintaining public confidence in the judiciary and ensuring a fair trial,'" the report added.

The loss adds to the legal battles Trump continues to face in multiple cases nationwide. Other cases still active include those in Washington, Florida and Georgia.

The legal challenges come as the former president continues to lead polls among GOP candidates in his effort to return to the White House. The first primary takes place next month in Iowa, where Trump currently appears to have a large advantage over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.

The 2024 election could become a rematch between Trump and President Joe Biden, offering another controversial matchup as the former president faces his trials and Biden deals with a potential impeachment inquiry.

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