Trump may have awkward situation with Ivanka in civil case

 October 3, 2023

Former President Donald Trump could end up having an awkward confrontation with daughter Ivanka during the civil trial filed by New York state against him for allegedly overvaluing his properties.

Trump attended the first day of the trial and "fight for my name and reputation," but as the trial goes on, Ivanka could be a witness for the prosecution after being previously named as a co-defendant in the case.

That usually means she has cooperated with the prosecution, and could be testifying against her dad, although neither she nor the New York attorney general's office would say whether there was an agreement between the parties.

Judge Arthur Engeron has already ruled that properties were overvalued and that several of the Trump Organization's business licenses to operate in New York should be rescinded. Additionally, Engeron wants the company handed over to receivers, taking operating control away from Trump and his sons.

Appeal pending

Trump has said he will appeal Engeron's ruling. Attorney General Letitia James also wants to see a $250 million fine levied against Trump's businesses over the "fraud."

In other words, they want to take Trump's assets away even though all the banks that gave him loans got paid back what was owed, and both Trump and the banks made money through the deals that were made.

Ivanka Trump, who served as executive vice president of the Trump Organization, is on the witness list as Trump Organization affiliate and owner of Ivanka OPO LLC.

Jamie White, a Michigan-based attorney who practices personal injury law, criminal defense, and civil litigation, speculated that Trump may have told his daughter, "Do what you have to do" to avoid being prosecuted.

Might be cooperating

"Perhaps Ivanka might be cooperating to some level," White said. "I don't think it's a frivolous subpoena."

He added: "This is a unique turn of events, and as a general matter, we know experienced prosecutors do not bring people to be witnesses only for the purposes of having them take the 5th [amendment]."

While Ivanka Trump has publicly distanced herself from her father since he left office, she has not said anything disparaging about him, nor has he about her.

Any cooperation she is providing may give the bare minimum to keep her name off the co-defendant list, but will likely not be a hit on her father, either.

Trump responds

Trump did not speak in court on Monday, but had plenty to say on Truth Social about the case afterward.

“People are starting to see what a great company I built through the trial started by the Racist Attorney General of New York State, Letitia “Peekaboo” James,” Trump wrote. “It was all supposed to be private, but in  many ways it is exposing great success.”

“Incredible assets, lots of cash, and it only gets better. It is also stating, loud and clear, ‘don’t move your company to New York, and if you are already here, move out fast.” he continued. “Too much work and 'heartache' dealing with the Radical Left Democrats, Marxists, and Fascists!”

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