Trump on DeSantis: 'He's highly overrated'

 July 9, 2023

Former President Donald Trump just told a crowd of people that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) "is highly overrated." 

Trump did so, according to The Hill, on Saturday night during a 2024 campaign stop that Trump made in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"I’m not a big fan of his and he’s highly overrated. He’s highly overrated," Trump, referring to DeSantis, told the crowd.

It's unclear whether Trump was suggesting that DeSantis is "overrated" in general or whether DeSantis is "overrated" as a Republican 2024 presidential contender or overrated in some other regard. Whatever the case may be, Trump did not stop there.

"He's getting killed"

Trump, in Las Vegas, went on to ask the crowd to "remember" that DeSantis is "the one that wanted to cut Social Security."

"He is the one that wanted to raise the minimum age and he voted on this," Trump said, adding, "This isn't just."

Trump then told the crowd that DeSantis "is getting killed" with regard to the 2024 race for the presidency.

"The one thing you have to remember, when a politician comes out with an initial plan and then they go into a corner, [it is] because they’re getting killed - because he’s getting killed," Trump said.

"Well, he also has no personality. That helps, right?" Trump asked.

Trump v. DeSantis

Trump and DeSantis are the Republican Party's two top candidates for the U.S. presidency in 2024. But, Trump, in the polls, leads DeSantis significantly.

Real Clear Politics currently has Trump ahead of Trump, for the 2024 Republican Presidential Nomination, on average, by 32.1 percentage points, with Trump at 53% and Desantis at 20.9%.

Accordingly, when Trump says that DeSantis is "getting killed," he is saying something that is true, at least according to the current polls.

Trump also went after DeSantis on his social media site, Truth Social, on Saturday. There, Trump claimed that DeSantis is doing so poorly in the race for 2024 that DeSantis is trying to exit the race while "saving face."

Trump wrote:

Ron DeSanctimonious is desperately trying to get out of the Presidential race, while at the same time saving face for 2028, where he has been greatly damaged. Jeff Roe, Ron’s boss despite having a terrible record of winning, is spending money like a wild man gone bad. Much of the money being used was raised for his Gubernatorial race, and transferred over (illegally?) because his Presidential donors have largely fled do to his terrible, and still falling, poll numbers. Ron is just wasting time!

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