Trump outraises Biden considerably in April, according to FEC filings

 May 22, 2024

No matter how Democrats or the White House tries to spin it, former President Donald Trump is on fire. 

Not only is he dominating his elderly, often-confused opponent in most of the swing states and in some national polls, but he's also pulling in piles of fundraising cash for his 2024 campaign.

According to USA Today, Trump and his Republican allies raised more money for the 2024 campaign than President Joe Biden for the first time in 2024.

Many believe Biden's fundraising efforts are beginning to at least somewhat dry up as Democrats open their eyes and realize that Biden's elections challenges are becoming too much to handle.

What's going on?

Biden, his allies and his campaign managed to raise quite a bit of money to kick off 2024, but it seems as if the Biden gravy train is running dry.

According to filings, Trump and the Republican National Committee (RNC) outraised Biden's campaign by a considerable amount in April.

USA Today noted:

The Trump campaign, combined with the Republican National Committee, hauled in $76 million in April, considerably more than the $51 million raised by the Biden campaign, Democratic National Committee and other joint fundraising arms, according to the campaigns and filings submitted Monday with the Federal Election Commission.

Notable is the fact that Trump outraised his opponent even though he spent much of April in a New York courtroom, amid other legal battles, proving that none of his legal woes are affecting momentum and excitement for the possibility that he once again becomes president.

With billionaire donors boosting his campaign, Trump is sitting pretty as the November election nears.

Biden has also raised plenty of money in the beginning of 2024 to offset the drop in April, with the outlet noting that he has "$84.5 million on hand to spend and a combined war chest of $192 million when including other fundraising committees."

The next phase

While money isn't really an issue for either candidate, the next phase of the fight for the White House will be the upcoming debates.

Trump and Biden's campaigns agreed to two debates, one in June and one in September. The Biden campaign recently rejected the invitation for a third debate hosted by NBC/Telemundo.

Many are hesitant to get too excited about a debate between Biden and Trump, as many do not believe that the White House and Biden's handlers will ultimately let him take the stage, given his severely declining cognitive state.

Only time will tell if the debates actually happen, but if they do, the Biden campaign has to know it is in deep trouble.

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