Trump calls out Pelosi for rejecting offer of '10,000 troops' to bolster Capitol security ahead of Jan. 6 Capitol riot

 December 30, 2023

While much has been said about former President Donald Trump's purported role in inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol riot of 2021, the converse is true of credible accusations that former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) failed to take sufficient and available steps to increase Capitol security and prevent the unrest from happening in the first place.

Now, after Special Counsel Jack Smith made a move to prevent Trump from raising that and other issues at trial, the former president is loudly calling out both Pelosi and Smith for attempting to cover up the truth of that fateful day in 2021, according to RawStory.

Trump's main accusation is that Pelosi, who as House Speaker was ultimately in charge of security at the U.S. Capitol building, rejected his offer of upwards of 10,000 active-duty military or National Guard troops to help bolster the security measures around the Capitol amid credible reports at that time of planned protests that had the potential to devolve into riotous unrest.

Smith seeks to constrain Trump's defense arguments

On Wednesday, and even though the federal 2020 election-related case has been placed on hold pending resolution of former President Trump's claimed immunity from prosecution, Special Counsel Smith nonetheless filed a motion with the D.C. district court to substantially limit and restrict what Trump and his attorneys could say in his defense during the eventual trial.

Among the several supposedly "irrelevant" topics that Smith sought to place off-limits to the defense was any discussion of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, including any talk of alleged security failures and inadequate security measures or the rejections by various authorities, including then-Speaker Pelosi, of the president's pre-emptive offer of additional assistance to maintain order on Capitol grounds.

Smith argued in the filing, "A bank robber cannot defend himself by blaming the bank’s security guard for failing to stop him. A fraud defendant cannot claim to the jury that his victims should have known better than to fall for his scheme. And the defendant cannot argue that law enforcement should have prevented the violence he caused and obstruction he intended."

Pelosi turned down Trump's offer of "10,000 troops" for Jan. 6 security

Later that same day, former President Trump spoke with John Solomon of Just the News and briefly discussed Special Counsel Smith's filed motion to suppress the free speech rights of him and his attorneys when -- and if -- the 2020 election-related federal case ever goes to trial.

"Now, can you believe this? He tried to defend Nancy Pelosi and the mayor of DC," Trump told Solomon of Smith. "But he tried to defend Nancy Pelosi who did not do the job. We offered them, as you know, 10,000 troops or National Guard -- whatever they wanted -- before the event because I knew it was going to be a very big event. And it wasn't my event, I went and showed up and made a speech."

"We offered 10,000 people and more if necessary. And if they use 500 people, if they use 200 people, January 6 wouldn't have been January 6," he added and insisted that security failures were a "big part" of why the anticipated protests were allowed to spiral out of control by various authority figures like Pelosi who had rejected Trump's offered assistance.

Trump reiterates complaints against Smith on social media

Former President Trump reiterated the substance of those comments in a Truth Social post on Thursday morning that railed against Special Counsel Smith's motion and made mention of former Speaker Pelosi and the now-defunct Democrat-dominated House Select Committee to investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol riot that also refused to probe the security failures and instead placed on blame for the incident on the former president.

"Crooked Joe Biden’s Prosecutorial Thug, Deranged Jack Smith, who is fighting viciously to damage his corrupt bosses Political Opponent, ME, much as they do in Third World Countries, wants to take away my right of Free Speech," Trump wrote.

"He doesn’t want me to speak about the Rigged and Stollen Presidential Election of 2020, where the Evidence is MASSIVE & CONCLUSIVE, or Nancy Pelosi’s turning down 10,000 troops for January 6th, which would have quickly ended any problems, or why and how the Unselect Committee of Political Thugs & Misfits illegally deleted and destroyed all information and evidence pertaining to their findings, which we were going to use in our defence," he continued.

Trump added, "Why isn’t Deranged Jack investigating them for this destruction of important documents that were vital to my defense in any upcoming or potential trial? Because under Crooked Joe Biden we have become a two tiered system of INJUSTICE!"

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