Trump plans to deploy 'thousands' of U.S. troops to help enforce border security and immigration laws if re-elected

 December 16, 2023

One of the more egregious policy failures of President Joe Biden's tenure has been his adamant failure to properly secure the nation's southern border or fully enforce the nation's immigration laws -- a stark change from former President Donald Trump's tough border and immigration enforcement policies.

Trump has vowed that, if re-elected, he plans to address the emergency at the unsecured southern border with the deployment of many "thousands" of U.S. military troops, according to Rolling Stone.

That is just one of several campaign promises made by the former president that the left-leaning media have asserted are the actions of a would-be authoritarian "dictator."

Trump intends to deploy upwards of "hundreds of thousands" of troops to southern border

Rolling Stone, citing multiple unnamed sources, reported that former President Trump intends to declare an "emergency" on the southern border as a means to justify the planned deployment of potentially "hundreds of thousands" of U.S. troops to help defend the border and enforce immigration laws.

Concurrent with that massive troop deployment would be the establishment of a new network of migrant detention camps and the launch of a large-scale effort to track down and deport millions of illegal immigrants residing unlawfully in the U.S.

To be sure, virtually every other modern president has sent U.S. troops to the southern border, albeit typically only a few thousand National Guard soldiers who serve in administrative and logistical roles in support of U.S. Border Patrol, in light of the Posse Comitatus Act that generally bars the military from acting as a domestic police force.

However, that general prohibition can reportedly be sidestepped under the court-approved inherent emergency powers of the Insurrection Act, which Trump reportedly plans to evoke immediately after retaking the White House.

Under that plan, which could involve bringing large numbers of U.S. troops back home from deployments in various foreign nations, the military troops deployed to the border would be specially empowered to aid the federal and state governments in forcibly defending the border and the enforcement of immigration laws against migrants who enter the country illegally.

Trump's broader agenda to reimpose tough immigration policies

The planned massive deployment of U.S. troops to the southern border would be just one aspect of former President Trump's "radical" immigration enforcement plans if re-elected in 2024, according to CBS News.

Those plans reportedly include the aforementioned establishment of large migrant detention camps and "deportation blitz," particularly of those with criminal records or gang membership, as well as the completion of the upgraded border wall and reimposing prior policies like "Remain in Mexico" for asylum seekers and the Title 42 public health order that allowed for the immediate expulsion of migrants caught at the border.

It would also supposedly involve efforts to end "birthright citizenship" for children born on U.S. soil by illegal migrant parents and tough ideological screenings for migrants to identify and exclude those with beliefs that are incompatible with American-style freedom and democracy.

Of course, just as in his first term as president, virtually all of those moves would be challenged and potentially blocked or delayed by the courts, especially if authorized solely by executive actions, and some of the plans would likely require specific legislation from Congress, if not even a constitutional amendment, to pass legal scrutiny.

Trump has other major plans for a second term in office

Border security and immigration enforcement are just one part of former President Trump's purported second-term agenda, according to Reuters, as Trump and his people have developed plans to address a litany of actual and perceived problems that plague the nation.

Some of the other reported agenda items include a resumption of the tariff and trade war with communist China, a substantial reduction of the "deep state" federal bureaucracy and, relatedly, widespread deregulation across numerous economic sectors, boosting energy production, cracking down on crime, and pursuing educational freedom, among other things.

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