Trump posts $91.6 million bond in E. Jean Carroll case after judge rejects delay request

 March 8, 2024

President Trump posted a $91.6 million bond in the E. Jean Carroll defamation case after the judge rejected his request to delay enforcement of the verdict.

Judge Lewis Kaplan had given Trump until Monday to either pay Carroll $83 million in damages or post the bond.

Trump was ordered to pay Carroll $83 million in January after he was found liable of defamation for saying he did not rape her in a department store.

Trump posts bond

The trial was limited to deciding damages after Kaplan told the jury to accept the finding of a previous jury last year that Trump assaulted Carroll and defamed her. That first jury ordered Trump to pay Carroll $5 million.

During his brief time on the stand in the second trial, Trump was not permitted to explain his state of mind when he called Carroll a liar.

Trump said he "just wanted to defend myself, my family and frankly the presidency," but Kaplan ordered the jury to ignore Trump's statement.

This week, Trump's lawyers asked Kaplan to reduce the $83 million penalty and grant Trump a new trial, saying the limitations on Trump's testimony were prejudicial.

Trump submitted a $91.6 million bond payment Friday to cover the damages he owes to Carroll, while formally submitting his appeal of the verdict. The bond was covered by global insurance giant Chubb.

"Due to the numerous prejudicial errors made at the lower level, we are highly confident that the Second Circuit will overturn this egregious judgment," his lawyer Alina Habba said.

Legal defeats and some victories

Trump is also fighting a civil judgment of over $450 million in a separate civil fraud case, which was also decided in New York.

An appellate judge rejected his offer of a partial $100 million bond, while lifting a ban on lending to help Trump cover the full amount.

Trump's team said the "exorbitant and punitive" penalty from Judge Arthur Engoron made it impossible to pay and could force Trump to sell off his properties.

Despite his setbacks in his home state of New York, Trump has secured some significant court victories elsewhere.

The Supreme Court unanimously rejected an effort to kick Trump off the ballot this week, and the court has set a date for arguments in Trump's appeal on presidential immunity. The appeal could result in Trump never facing trial over January 6th.

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