Trump posts nearly 20 videos to Truth Social in call for support

 November 24, 2023

Former President Donald Trump posted 19 videos directly to Truth Social this week in a call for support.

The topics ranged from DeSantis to Democrats in wide-ranging pleas for help from his followers on the platform.

The situation

"While Trump’s presidential 'tweetstorms' used to make headlines, it’s not unusual for him to post more than a dozen written messages and 'retruths' per day on his social-media network," the Intelligencer reported.

"And he’s fond of filming brief video messages in front a fireplace at Mar-a-Lago and posting them to his account," it added.

Addressing China

"President Xi and I had a deal whereby China was going to criminalize at the highest level, THE DEATH PENALTY, the manufacturing of Fentanyl," Trump started in one video.

The attacks responded to President Joe Biden's recent meetings with China's president in San Francisco.

Biden's polls

"The Polls Show the People Want Crooked Joe Out," Trump added in another video.

Trump's emphasis focused on recent polls showing many voters concerned with Biden's age and health for a second term. Some polls have also included a majority of Democrats opposing Biden running for a second term alongside Vice President Kamala Harris.

Trump's focus on Truth Social also comes as the social media platform seeks to ramp up its business as part of a merger to increase its profitability.

The video pleas follow legal attacks on the former president, including gag orders, against the former president. He also faces a variety of charges in multiple cases in Georgia, Florida and Washington that involve over 90 charges, plus a fraud case facing his business in New York that is currently under a court case.

While the left may see Trump's posts as a sign of weakness, it appears he is instead speaking out more in a show of strength to fend off other GOP candidates and Biden as Americans gather for the Thanksgiving holiday and discuss the issues facing the nation.

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