Trump promises to cancel $3 billion pledge to U.N. climate fund

 December 15, 2023

Reuters reported earlier this month that Vice President Kamala Harris pledged $3 billion towards the United Nations' Green Climate Fund.

However, former President Donald Trump made clear during a speech on Wednesday that it's a move he plans to reverse. 

Harris said she was "proud to announce" new $3 billion commitment 

According to Reuters, the Green Climate Fund "is the largest international fund dedicated to supporting climate action in developing countries."

It noted that the fund has thus far received $20 billion worth of pledges along with $2 billion in cash that the United States has already put up. 

"Today I am also proud to announce a new $3 billion pledge to the Green Climate Fund which helps developing countries invest in resilience, clean energy, and nature-based solutions," Reuters quoted Harris as saying at the Conference of the Parties (COP28) climate summit in Dubai. 

In addition to Harris, the U.S. COP28 delegation also included Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry as well as dozens of senior Biden administration officials.

Former president promises to cancel "climate reparation payments"

Yet Reuters pointed out that delivery of those funds is contingent upon them being approved by Republicans in Congress, a turn of events that seems unlikely to take place.

Further, Trump told supporters at a rally in Iowa that he will both cancel the pledge and attempt to recover those funds which the Biden administration has already managed to contribute. 

"When I am back in office all climate reparation payments will be canceled immediately," the former president stated during the campaign event. 

Trump slams "giving billions of dollars to other countries that have abused us"

"We’re not paying reparations to other countries who have abused us on trade, who have abused us on NATO," Trump continued. 

"And we will work to claw back any transfers made by Crooked Joe and globalists," the Republican presidential candidate proceeded to insist. 

"He’s literally giving billions of dollars to other countries that have abused us," Trump complained. "They abuse us on trade, they abuse us on NATO and the military, they abuse us in every way because they have no respect for our country anymore. And we’re supposed to pay them reparations?"

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