Trump prosecutors claim then have a recording in hush money case

 May 29, 2023

Prosecutors against former President Donald Trump claim they have a new recording, along with another witness, according to a Friday report.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg shared the information after the information was shared with Trump's lawyers.

The details

"The filing does not identify the witness or say when the recording was made or when Trump's lawyers were made aware of it. NBC News has reached out to attorneys and a spokesperson for Trump for a response," NBC-6 reported.

"A key witness in the case, former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, previously released a secretly taped audio recording of a discussion he had with Trump about the hush money payments in 2016. It's unclear if the recording referred to in the court filing is the same one," it added.

The background

"Trump last month pled not guilty to 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in what prosecutors say was a 'scheme' to boost his 2016 election chances by using hush money payments to suppress damaging information from two women who claimed to have had long-denied affairs with Trump," ABC News reported.

"Although the name of the witness was not disclosed in the Automatic Discovery Form that was made public on Friday, ABC News reported that the person was Cohen when it reported on the secret recording in 2018," it continued.

Trump under gag order

Trump is currently under orders not to discuss the details of his video hearing last week in the case.

"[Judge Juan] Merchan told Trump that if he violates the order he can be sanctioned or fined, 'up to a finding of contempt, which is punishable,'" CBS News reported.

"Trial in the case is scheduled to begin March 25, 2024," it added.

The news of the recording and new witness adds to concerns Trump may face during the March hearing.

The hearing also occurs near the time of key Republican primaries as he seeks his comeback bid for the White House.

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