Trump questions Biden's ability to serve after classified documents report

 February 11, 2024

President Joe Biden continues to make embarrassing, age-related slips on the public stage which has triggered concern from both sides of the political aisle.

In the wake of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report in which he essentially noted that Biden couldn't be charged in his classified documents probe due to memory issues, a wave of backlash ensued with many questioning why he's still in the White House.

One of those critics is former President Donald Trump, who, according to Breitbart, raised a logical argument: If Biden's memory and cognitive functions allow him to escape charges, how is he fit to run the White House at this point in time?

Trump made the statement at a recent rally in Conway, South Carolina, ahead of the state's GOP primary election.

What did he say?

In his usual fashion, the former president held nothing back in his criticism of the current president.

"The special counsel’s report tries to let Biden off by claiming that he is too mentally incompetent to convict at a trial,” Trump said. "'I’m not going to charge him with a crime, but it’s okay for him to become Commander in Chief' – think of that one.

Trump added, "But we know that Joe Biden has always been too mentally incompetent."

The former president made reference to his own classified documents case, which he was charged with quickly, compared to Biden, who seemingly got off without a hitch.

"Crooked Joe got off scot-free,” Trump said, adding, "and I don’t know if you call it scot-free; they said he was a mental basket case."

"Political persecution"

The former president and anyone with eyes and ears have long argued that Biden weaponized the DOJ in an attempt to hamstring Trump's chances in 2024.

"Biden’s thugs are still trying to put me in jail on fake charges for crimes that they openly admit that Crooked Joe did. He actually did these crimes," Trump told the South Carolina rally audience.

The former president added that he believes this is "political persecution" and not "prosecution.

The South Carolina GOP primary will be held on Feb. 24. Trump is largely expected to win.

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