Trump receives incredible polling news as he takes the stand in New York

 November 7, 2023

Donald Trump was clearly displeased to be dragged into court on Monday to defend his name and legacy in front of a partisan judge who already made his mind up.

But on the eve of Trump's testimony, he received some incredible news: if the 2024 election were held today, he would crush Joe Biden.

Trump gets thrilling news

The remarkable New York Times poll showed Biden losing to Trump in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada - all crucial battleground states that paved Biden's path to the White House three years ago.

The poll landed like a bomb in the political world, leaving Democrats scrambling to regain their footing. Some prominent voices like David Axelrod lost their nerve and suggested it may be time for Biden to drop out.

Trump would win with over 300 electoral votes if the 2024 election were held today, the poll found - and young voters are equally as likely to support Trump and Biden, a sign that Biden's coalition is falling apart under the pressure of his magnificent failures.

"The fraud is on the court"

Trump has been making regular appearances at the court in New York to blast the case as a political sham. Judge Arthur Engoron has already ruled, without a jury, that Trump committed fraud.

During his testimony, Trump defended his business and doubled down on his claim that the court has severely undervalued his assets. Trump has said there is no victim in the case because his banks were paid back.

Defiant as ever, Trump ripped attorney general Letitia James (D) and told the judge that he was supervising a show trial.

“The fraud is on the court, not on me,” Trump said.

“It’s a terrible thing you’ve done,” he told the judge. “You believe this political hack back there [Letitia James] and that’s unfortunate.”

Judge loses it....

Engoron snapped at Trump repeatedly and demanded that his lawyers "control" him as Trump aired his grievances with the trial.

"This is not a political rally," Engoron said.

The case could end with Trump losing his iconic business empire, and he is also facing four criminal cases that all happen to be led by Democratic prosecutors.

It is a testament to Trump's remarkable political staying power that he has the full force of a weaponized government against him, and somehow, he's still leading in the polls.

It's no wonder the Democrats are so desperate to put him in jail.

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