Trump refuses to take sides in the battle for the RNC chair

 December 20, 2022

Former President Donald Trump says that he will not be endorsing either candidate vying to be the next chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC) because he likes them both. 

Trump commented on the race during a recent exclusive interview with Breitbart News.


In the RNC leadership race, Ronna McDaniel is facing off against Harmeet Dhillon.

McDaniel is the incumbent RNC chairwoman, whereas Dhillon is an attorney who has also been an RNC committeewoman in California for the past six years.

Dhillon is challenging McDaniel because Dhillon believes that the RNC needs a "fresh direction." Dhillon, in particular, has taken issue with the Republicans' "failure to win elections" during the past six years, which corresponds with the period that McDaniel has led the RNC.

Dhillon said:

The vision we have and the promise we have as a party, our platform, what we stand for, is so superior to what the Democrats have to offer — Marxism, government handouts, open borders. There's nothing attractive about it. Yet somehow they've been better at getting their candidates elected than we have. That's a reality. It's not about personalities. Ronna's a wonderful person who's done her best, [but] it hasn't been enough. And whether it's her fault or not, the fact is what it is. And to win elections, we're going to have to change and adapt or die.

Dhillon also said that she would look to move the RNC towards engaging more with its base more.

Trump weighs in

Breitbart recently asked Trump which candidate he favors, McDaniel or Dhillon.

"I think they’re both good," Trump said, refusing to pick a side. "I like them both."

Trump explained his position using an anecdote from a conversation that he once had with late Queen Elizabeth II.

Trump said:

It’s like when I asked Queen Elizabeth when we were together: "Which president did you like the best?" She said: "I liked them all.""Which one did you like the best?’ "I liked them all. They’re all great." I said, "But didn’t you like Ronald Reagan the best?" She said: "No I liked them all. I liked Ronald Reagan very much, but I liked them all." Then I said: "Which prime minister did you like the best? Was it Winston Churchill?" "I like them all. I like every one." Then I realized how smart she was. I said, you know that’s why she stayed there for 75 years.

Looking forward

The vote for the RNC leadership will take place in late January.

The 168 RNC members - including Dhillon - will vote on whether to keep McDaniel or to try new leadership with Dhillon.

At the moment, there is no real telling who is going to win. Reports indicate that McDaniel still has a lot of support, but reports also indicate that Dhillon has gained quite a bit of support of her own. It appears to be anyone's race to win.

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