Trump remains neutral in the upcoming RNC chair election

 December 18, 2022

The question over who will lead the Republican National Committee (RNC) is heating up, with attorney and conservative activist Harmeet Dhillon challenging Ronna McDaniel to become chairwoman.

However, comments that former President Donald Trump made during a recent interview suggests that he has decided to remain neutral in the race.

Not picking sides

"Harmeet is a lawyer for me, you know," Trump told Breitbart News last Friday. "Harmeet is my lawyer. I think they’re both good," Trump added before recounting a conversation he once had with British Queen Elizabeth II.

"It’s like when I asked Queen Elizabeth when we were together: 'Which president did you like the best?' She said: 'I liked them all.'"

"'Which one did you like the best?'" Trump pressed. When the queen replied, "'I liked them all. They’re all great.'" Trump then asked, "'But didn’t you like Ronald Reagan the best?'"

Trump recalled the queen responding with, "'No I liked them all. I liked Ronald Reagan very much, but I liked them all.'"

"Then I said: 'Which prime minister did you like the best? Was it Winston Churchill?' 'I like them all. I like every one.' Then I realized how smart she was. I said, you know that’s why she stayed there for 75 years.'"

Dhillon says RNC should be "run like a business"

Dhillon spoke with "Breitbart News Daily" guest host Monica Crowley about last week her decision to run against Ronna McDaniel .

"I’m running for chair of the RNC because I think we need to really refocus the party," Dhillon said. "We haven’t won for the last six years."

"Our last midterm was – I would say – disappointing at best, and I think that there are a lot of things at the RNC that are institutionally geared towards not winning," Dhillon pointed out.

"We have messaging that isn’t resonating with our base. We have mixed messages on what to do about early voting and ballot harvesting, which I think we need to be engaging in aggressively in order to win elections absolutely," she insisted.

Dhillon also argued that the RNC "needs to be run like a business" and promised to conduct a thorough review of how GOP consultants and contractors have performed.

"A lot of consultants — whether it be fundraising or otherwise — they get paid, whether they really succeed in elections or not," she complained.

"I call for a top-to-bottom review of contracts and consulting agreements at the RNC to make sure that we have competitively bid agreements, that we are selecting these people based on pricing and also reviewing them based on results."

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