Trump says Biden may drop out of the 2024 race

 January 24, 2024

Former President Donald Trump roared to victory in the New Hampshire primary election on Tuesday night, trouncing former Secretary of State Nikki Haley.

Yet while Trump appears set to be the Republican Party's nominee, the former president recently confirmed that he does not believe Joe Biden will be his opponent. 

Trump tells Fox News host Biden may drop out of the race

Trump expressed that view on Tuesday evening to Fox News host Martha MacCallum before addressing supporters in New Hampshire.

When MacCallum asked if Trump believes Biden will drop out of the race, Trump didn't hesitate to respond, saying, "Personally, I think so."

Trump is not alone in predicting that the president won't be on the ballot in November, as independent left-wing presidential candidate Cornel West has said the same.

West suggests that Biden will "pull back" like Lyndon Johnson did in 1968

"I’m not even sure whether I’ll be running against Biden," West told Politico in a December interview, adding, "Biden — I think he's going to have an LBJ moment [and] pull back."

That was a reference to how President Lyndon Johnson abruptly announced in 1968 that he would not run for another term.

Meanwhile, Newsweek reported earlier this month that the betting website Polymarket shows a growing number of online gamblers believe Biden is on the way out.

What's more, a survey average maintained by Real Clear Polling shows Biden trailing Trump in the national popular vote by 3.8%.

Filmmaker says Mrs. Obama has "been preparing to run for president"

It is not clear who Democrats would choose to replace Biden should the president end his candidacy, some observers have pointed toward former First Lady Michelle Obama as an alternative.

One of them is conservative filmmaker Joel Gilbert, who laid out the case for why the former first lady might run in a documentary released late last year called "Michelle Obama 2024: Her Real Life Story and Plan for Power."

"Michelle is highly political, and I’m convinced she’s been preparing to run for president for some years now," Gilbert told Blaze Media host Jason Whitlock in an interview two weeks ago.

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