Trump says he'll fight $464 million fine to the Supreme Court

 March 23, 2024

Former President Donald Trump said Friday that he will fight the New York case that fined him $454 million "all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary," even as Attorney General Letitia James takes steps to seize his property if he doesn't post a bond in the full amount by Monday. 

Trump has appealed the bond requirement after trying with more than 30 bond companies to get a bond in the required amount. His legal team requested a stay on the judgment against him until an appeal can be heard.

While talking about the merger of his Trump Media & Technology Group, which includes the Truth Social platform, with Digital World Acquisition Group, he claimed that he had more than $500 million in cash and could well afford the bond.

"That doesn’t mean I’m going to give money to a rogue and incompetent judge — the puppet of a corrupt attorney general who’s failing with violent crime and migrant crime and whose only purpose in life is attempting to get Trump," Trump told Fox News Digital about Judge Arthur Engoron and James.


Trump said Engoron "openly and hostilely disrespects the decision of the appellate division, which ruled in my favor."

"Hopefully they will set the record straight — he has already been overturned four times on this case," Trump said. "A record."

I’ll fight this all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary," Trump said. "They can’t take away your property before you’ve had a chance to appeal the decision of a Trump-hating, incompetent judge who has been overturned more than any judge in the state."

Trump claimed that the judgment against him was scaring other business owners in the city and they were "fleeing, never to return" because they were worried they might share Trump's fate one day.

Out to get him

James campaigned on taking legal action against Trump.

"We’re definitely gonna sue him, we’re gonna be a real pain in the a--," James once told a supporter on video.

Engoron seemed to enjoy the attention brought by the lengthy trial and declared Trump guilty of inflating his property values before the trial even started despite conflicting testimony about them.

Despite all of Trump's lawyers' efforts to get the case moved and fight the contention that he did anything wrong, the case was entirely in the judge's hands and resulted in one of the largest civil verdicts in history.

Irreparable harm

Trump made at least $3.5 billion on the recent merger involving Truth Social, but he can't sell any of his shares for six months.

If his properties are seized and sold, it will cause irreparable harm to him if his appeal is successful, as even Trump-hating liberals admit.

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