Trump says Melania doesn't like his dance moves: 'not presidential'

 October 6, 2023

Donald Trump shared a secret with supporters in California: his wife Melania isn't a big fan of his crowd-pleasing comedy routines.

President Trump told a crowd at the California GOP convention that his wife doesn't think his dancing is "presidential", but he does it anyway to please his fans, Newsweek reported. 

Melania's pet peeve...

Melania's absence from the campaign trail has fueled rumors of a rift, but insiders say the First Lady is standing by her husband more than ever as he faces political persecution never seen before in America.

Like any wife, however, she has her pet peeves.

Her husband confessed that Melania isn't thrilled with his expressive, grunting impression of a female weightlifter struggling to compete with a "trans" man because it's not "presidential." The bit has become a favorite of many Trump supporters.

"I don't want to imitate it. Because you know, my wife, the First Lady, hates when I do this. She said, 'It's not presidential.' I said, 'Yeah, but people like it.' It's true. She hates it. Our great First Lady."

Trump also said his wife doesn't like his fist-pumping dance moves, but he has to keep his fans happy.

"She said it's not presidential, and I understand. She also has two things, that, and she doesn't like when I dance a little bit to the music," he said. "I said I have a problem because everybody wants it. They are screaming 'dance, dance, dance.'"

Trump entertains

Trump's speech was peppered with his usual jokes and amusing tangents.

He joked that California Republicans "deserve a little entertainment" because they have been "screwed for years" in the state run by crazy liberals.

Moments later, Trump brought down the house with the famed weightlifter impression.

Trump also performed an impression of Joe Biden looking confused on stage, turning his back to the crowd and throwing his hands up.

He also made light of his indictments, saying infamous mobster Al Capone was treated more leniently by the law.

"If you looked at Al Capone in the wrong way he'd kill you. He was not indicted like me."


Melania also probably didn't find it very presidential when Trump used a cuss word while attacking the Biden regime's indictments.

"If you don't like somebody or if somebody is beating you by, 10, 15, or 20 points like we're doing with Crooked Joe Biden. 'Let's indict the mother----. Let's indict him."

But it wasn't all jokes: Trump also showed his tough, no-nonsense side while discussing issues like crime.

"Very simply, if you rob a store, you can fully expect to be shot as you are leaving that store. Shot!"

Of course, Trump's critics will call his behavior crass, but it's exactly what his supporters love about him - his authenticity, humor, and charisma set him apart from the career politicians in the Swamp who recite whatever their consultants tell them.

And Trump deserves a lot of credit for keeping his spirits up in a situation that would crush most people.

It's no wonder Trump is winning the Republican primary in a landslide.

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