Trump says Stormy Daniels trial hasn't been 'easy' for wife Melania

 June 10, 2024

Donald Trump shared an update on his wife Melania's well-being with TV personality Dr. Phil.

Trump was asked how the former First Lady is "holding up" in light of the salacious Stormy Daniels trial, which shined a light on Trump's marriage as graphic details of an alleged affair were aired in court.

Melania never appeared for the trial and has yet to make a comment on Trump's conviction for "falsifying business records."

Trump shares Melania update

Trump said the trial hasn't been "easy" for his wife, but she has kept her feelings about it to herself.

"I think good, but I don’t think it’s an easy thing for her," he said, when asked how she is doing.

"And I think if it wasn’t good, she wouldn’t want to tell me about it, to be honest with you," he continued.

Melania doesn't touch the subject because "she sees that I'm fighting like hell," Trump said. The presumptive Republican nominee for president, who has been the target of a ruthless lawfare campaign, is neck-and-neck with his rival Joe Biden in the polls.

Melania's son, Barron, has also kept quiet out of respect for his dad's feelings, Trump said.

"He's a good boy....He doesn't say because he doesn't want to hurt me," Trump said. "And he thinks it's a possibly a hurtful conversation. But it has to affect my family," Trump said.

Melania spotted with a smile

Trump has commented in the past about his wife's "calm" and stoic personality, telling Megyn Kelly that Melania didn't care when her husband's political career led her to lose modeling work.

"I ran for politics, that was the end of that. That's okay. She's very, she's a very calm person," Trump said.

Melania Trump made a rare public appearance this weekend in Manhattan, where she was seen wearing a grin. 

Facing adversity

While Melania is often regarded as something of a mystery to the outside world - a famous jacket she wore during her husband's presidency sparked years of debate about its meaning - one thing that's clear is that she shares her husband's fortitude.

"I have a wonderful wife. I mean, it's not easy for her to read this kind of stuff, that's fake," he said in his interview with Dr. Phil. "That's totally that's fake stuff."

"But that's the way it is. It certainly is not a good thing. And it affects me more than it would if it were just about me. I wish it could be just about me," Trump said.

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