Trump scores political victor after Florida GOP drops loyalty pledge

September 17, 2023

Most polls show former President Donald Trump to be the clear favorite in the Republican Party's presidential primary race.

What's more, Trump managed to score a political victory this past week in the home state of his biggest rival. 

Rule change "viewed as a f--k you to DeSantis"

According to Breitbart, the Republican Party of Florida had previously required presidential candidates to sign a pledge stating they would support whoever the GOP eventually nominated.

That rule, which was supported by Gov. Ron DeSantis, is seen by many as something which was designed to target former President Trump.

They include Lee County Republican Party Chair Michael Thompson, a Trump supporter who told NBC News that the provision amounted to a "Donald J. Trump rule."

NBC News cited an unnamed "prominent Republican" who agreed with Thompson's assessment, saying repeal of the measure "would be viewed as a f--k you to DeSantis."

"There was no need for this oath"

The Messenger reported that a motion to repeal the pledge requirement was put forward on Friday at a meeting of the state party's executive board by state Sen. Joe Gruters.

He celebrated the board's decision to scrap the rule, stating, "This was huge. There was no need for this oath. It’s a big win for Trump and a big win for the Republican Party

"A lot of Republicans in this state are saying the primary is basically over. Trump is ahead by 40, 50 points in some polls and he’s battling multiple indictments. So why would our state party want to fight his campaign?" Greuters continued.

"If we didn’t make this change, the Republican Party as we know it today wouldn’t exist in two months. There would be a complete revolt from the president’s base," the state senator insisted.

Trump says he will sign no loyalty pledges

For his part, Trump has made clear that he will not be signing any loyalty oaths, a fact the former president touched on during an interview with Newsmax.

"I wouldn't sign the pledge," Trump told Newsmax host Eric Bolling after being asked about the RNC's requirement that debate candidates promise to support the party's nominee.

"Why would I sign a pledge? There are people on there that I wouldn't have. I wouldn't have certain people as, you know, somebody that I endorse," he added.

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