Trump seems to eye Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina as potential VP

 February 14, 2024

Tim Scott, a senator from South Carolina, is swiftly climbing the ranks of potential candidates to be Donald Trump's running mate.

A friend of Trump's who has discussed the topic with both of the politicians in question has stated that it is "a real possibility" that the senator is being tapped. This thought was endorsed by those individuals, as NBC News reported.

“It’s real,” this person said. “And he’d take the job in a second.”

Reporters Finds

Around half a dozen Republicans were interviewed by NBC News regarding the possibility that Donald Trump may choose Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina as his vice presidential nominee.

The majority of these Republicans stated that Scott would be interested in the role, but that he would not try to outgun other candidates behind the scenes.

As a result of Scott's endorsement of the former president prior to the New Hampshire primary, he has quickly become a frequent surrogate.

He has provided full-throated support on the campaign trail and on television, which has been so fulsome that it has caught the attention of Trump and his allies. This has led to Scott's ascent on the list of potential running mates.

“We need a president who will unite our country — we need Donald Trump,” Scott said in endorsing Trump before a rally of supporters in Concord, New Hampshire, last month.

What Trump is Saying

A recent interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, saw Trump name-drop Scott, along with several other candidates, as potential VP picks.

“I called Tim Scott this week, because a lot of people like Tim Scott,” Trump said. “I called him, and I said: ‘You are a much better candidate for me than you are for yourself.’”

“It could be a lot of people,” he continued of his potential choice. “But it was interesting. I watched him over the last two weeks.

"As you know, he endorsed me, fully endorsed me, gave me a beautiful endorsement, and he has been really strong in terms of that, but ... I don’t want anybody to take even any inference. But it’s incredible.”

The Pair's History

Scott and Trump have collaborated on opportunity zones, tax cuts, increased funding for historically Black colleges and universities, criminal justice reform, and other legislative objectives, according to a source close to the senator. This relationship dates back to prior to Trump's inauguration.

“He’s enjoying the surrogate role,” this person said, noting Scott may be doing more media now on Trump’s behalf than he was during his presidential run. “He’s having fun with this process.”

Trump's pursuit of the Republican presidential nomination is not yet complete. However, thus far, he has emerged victorious in all four of the inaugural contests, and on February 24, he is poised to secure another triumph in South Carolina, the state that is home to both Scott and Nikki Haley, the sole remaining significant Trump opponent and the former governor of the state.

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