Trump selling pieces of his mugshot suit

 December 14, 2023

The left rejoiced over Donald Trump's mugshot, but he's getting the last laugh as the iconic photo brings a windfall of cash to his presidential campaign. 

In a display of marketing brilliance, Trump is offering to sell pieces of the suit he wore for the iconic picture.

Trump announced new mugshot-themed digital trading cards, with a rate of $99 per card.

Anyone who buys 47 of the cards will receive a physical card with Trump's mugshot and a strip of his suit, as well as a special invitation to have dinner with Trump at Mar-A-Lago.

Trump's new offer

Trump launched his original digital trading cards last year. The cards were criticized by some as gimmicky, but they sold out within hours.

The cards depict cartoons of a superhero Trump in different costumes and situations. One of the new cards shows Trump on horseback; another depicts him standing under a stormy sky in front of the Capitol with lightning shooting out of his hands.

“Some people call these cards pop art or modern art,” Trump said in a video on Truth Social. “They give me muscles where, believe me, I don’t have them," he joked.

Trump said he'll be autographing some of the mugshot cards as well.

“It was a great suit, believe me, a really good suit. It’s all cut up, and you’re gonna get a piece of it,” Trump said.



The decision to have Trump take a mugshot was immediately shown to be a miscalculation by the Democrats when the photo was released in August.

With his menacing expression - as if to say, "revenge is coming" - Trump turned the photo into a symbol of defiance, raising $4 million within 24 hours.

Trump is facing multiple criminal cases, which he has denounced as a political effort to interfere with his presidential campaign.

So far, the cases seem to be having the opposite effect, with Trump overtaking Joe Biden in the polls. Still, his legal cases have proven enormously expensive, with Trump putting the price at $100 million.

The prosecutor in Georgia, Fani Willis, wants Trump to go to trial for "election interference" in August.

Trump received some good news this week with the Supreme Court potentially getting involved in his separate election case in D.C., which could delay the trial beyond the election.

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