Trump selling pieces of suit he wore while getting mugshot taken

 December 13, 2023

After being indicted earlier this year by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, former President Donald Trump was forced to pose for a mugshot.

While Willis is committed to taking Trump down, the former president has taken advantage of the move by selling off pieces of the suit he wore while getting his picture taken. 

Those who buy 47 digital trading cards will get a piece of the suit

According to Newsweek, Trump announced in a post on the platform Truth Social that he will provide a piece of the suit to those who purchase 47 of his $99 mugshot-themed digital trading cards.

"Due to the great Excitement and Success of my previous TRUMP DIGITAL TRADING CARDS, we're doing it again - The MugShot Edition, available RIGHT NOW," the former president told his supporters on Tuesday.

"Plus, buy 47 cards and get a piece of the suit I wore for the 'Mugshot Photo,' and also get an invite to a Gala Dinner with me at Mar-a-Lago!" Trump continued.

"Don't wait, they'll go FAST (I believe!). I'm happy if you're happy. Have fun. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!" he went on to declare.

Trump is also selling campaign merchandise showing his mugshot

Trump also embedded a video in the post, saying, "Hi everyone. This is your favorite president, Donald J. Trump, with some very exciting news."

"Now, I’m back with my latest series called 'The MugShot' addition. I wonder where that came from," the former president jokingly remarked.

Newsweek noted that Trump is no stranger to selling digital trading cards, as last year he successfully unveiled similar cards that depicted him as a superhero.

Nor is this the first time that Trump has financially capitalized on his Fulton County mugshot, with his campaign offering a variety of merchandise bearing the image.

Critics scoff at digital cards as Trump rises in the polls

Critics were quick to deride Trump's latest fundraising gambit, something New York magazine editor Margaret Hartmann dismissed as being "weird on so many levels."

"I consider myself a connoisseur of bizarre Trump behavior," Hartmann wrote before quickly adding, "But his latest moneymaking scheme — selling scraps of the suit he wore for his mug shot on trading cards — still took me aback."

Yet despite the mockery, there is growing evidence that Trump is poised to have the last laugh, as a poll aggregate published by the website RealClearPolitcs shows him ahead of President Joe Biden by 2.3 points.

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