Trump slams civil fraud case as emails show bank was eager to do business

 December 8, 2023

Former President Donald Trump held an impromptu press conference on Thursday in which he slammed the civil fraud case brought against him by New York Attorney General Letitia James earlier this year.

Trump's remarks come in the wake of facts that cast doubt on the claim he inflated his net worth in order to obtain bank loans. 

Trump calls trial "a witch hunt"

"Thank you very much everybody. We appreciate you being here," Trump told the assembled journalists. "This is a witch hunt the likes of which probably nobody has ever seen."

"We've put on a case that is absolutely 100 percent--there's not a judge in the country that wouldn't have given us a total victory but there's not a judge in the country that would have even taken this case. This is a witch hunt and it's a very corrupt trial," the former president continued.

"If you look at the case, we did nothing wrong, there were no victims, the bank loves us, the bank testified they love us," Trump later added.

"We did absolutely nothing wrong. We never even defaulted, we never had a default letter sent to us. The bank said we were a perfect customer. The bank didn't even know why they were here," he insisted.

Emails show bank was eager to do business with Trump

CNN reported just over a week ago that a 17-year employee of Deutsche Bank told the court adjustments made to Trump's net worth did not raise eyebrows.

"It’s not unusual or atypical for any client's provide[d] financial statements to be adjusted to this level to this extent," David Williams was quoted as testifying.

What's more, the Associated Press reported that emails from November 2011 were introduced showing then Deutsche Bank managing director Rosemary Vrablic characterizing Trump as a "whale" with whom the bank sought to do business.

Vrablic also spoke positively of a meeting she had with Donald Trump Jr., an encounter she described as being "very nice" and "productive."

Bank co-chair suggested "leveraging" Trump for financial gain

"It went great. Donald was low key and demure. Unbelievable. The conversation was fantastic. Not sure he could do it again for a second meeting but hey … miracles can happen," she recalled.

Vrablic went on to say that she was looking forward to having a golf game with Donald Trump Jr. and hoped that his father might participate.

In another email, Deutsche Bank co-chair Anshu Jain suggested "leveraging Mr. Trump’s personal and professional network within the real estate industry."

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